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TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (MNA) – Iranian pistachio is the highest quality pistachio in the world. Iran ranks second in pistachio production and processing.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian pistachios all over the world

The unique features of Iranian pistachio are its quality and variety, and it has caused most merchants from different parts of the world to look for the bulk purchase of this product from Iran. Iranian pistachios are generally divided into two categories: elongated and round, and each of these categories includes different items. For example, Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami are classified as elongated pistachios, which are used for export to a specific country based on their difference in appearance and price. Also, hazelnut and goat's head pistachios are classified in the round category, and goat's head pistachios are larger and more expensive than hazelnut pistachios and are used more for export to luxury countries.

Wholesale purchase of Iranian export pistachios

Buying Iran's exported pistachios in bulk is the solution for exporting pistachios to world markets. In this way, the companies that operate in the field of pistachio exports buy a significant amount of this dried fruit from gardeners and pistachio growers and send a significant amount of exported pistachios to the applicant countries during a year. As you know, Iranian pistachios are famous around the world. Types of pistachios such as Akbari pistachio, Kole Ghochi pistachio and Ahmed Aghaei pistachio are among the most popular types of pistachio exported by Iran in the world markets.

The popularity of Iran's exported pistachios in the whole world is so great that there are stores in different countries for the direct supply of this delicious dried fruit. The wholesale purchase of Iran's export pistachios and exports to neighboring countries are also booming. The most important foreign customers who register a significant demand for the bulk purchase of Iran's exported pistachios are the countries of the Persian Gulf and European countries.

Russia also buys a large amount of Iran's exported pistachios during the year. The key to success in this thriving market is providing quality products and selling imported pistachios in beautiful and standard packaging.

What do you know about the benefits of pistachios?

Pistachio is a nut that has a lot of value because of its unique flavor, slightly sweet, as well as its attractive color and appearance. Pistachios are actually one of the oldest nuts around the world, which were cultivated thousands of years ago in the Middle East. Countries including Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan were the main producers of this product.

Currently, Iran, America and China are the top three countries in the field of pistachio production and export, and Iranian pistachio has many fans due to its unique taste. Like all nuts, pistachios are packed with nutrients and have many health benefits. However, pistachios have some unique properties that set them apart from other nuts. The properties of pistachios as one of the super healthy nuts and full of vitamins, minerals and essential substances are useful for the body. The history of eating it is very long and goes back to 7 thousand years BC.

Advantages of buying bulk export Pistachios

You can search for centers for the sale or bulk purchase of exported pistachios in all the cities that produce this dry fruit. The selling price of exported pistachios is calculated per kilogram in bulk, and of course, it will be affordable. The wholesale purchase price of exported pistachios in the form of Akbari pistachios, Kaleh Ghochi pistachios, Ahmed Aghaei pistachios, etc., the price of export pistachios in the form of pistachio nuts and different types of this dry fruit are also different.

For example, you can order wholesale prices of sorted export pistachios for less than 100 thousand tomans per kilo. The sales conditions of each type of pistachio depend on the buyer's order. The most important advantages of bulk purchase of exported pistachios are the affordability of purchase costs and easier transportation. Usually, the pistachios are transported in bags to the factory, and then the workers, after separating and purifying the high-quality pistachios, pack them and prepare them for export.

What are the characteristics of a good export pistachio?

If you intend to operate in the field of export and wholesale purchase of Iran's export pistachios, you must know the characteristics of good export pistachios and distinguish the low-quality type from the high-quality one. High-quality pistachios are those that do not have an unnatural smell and color. The taste of pistachios is completely pleasant and natural, and they have a special aroma. The skin of the pistachio should not be stained or have an undesirable appearance and break.

The pistachio kernel, which is placed inside the shell, should be proportional to the shell in terms of dimensions and size. All these issues are effective in packing pistachios for export. This is because when the packages are prepared and the weight of the standard pistachio packages is measured if the pistachios are of poor quality, they will make the appearance of the package look unfavorable inside the box.

What are the properties of type of pistachio for export?

As you know, pistachio is the tastiest and most nutritious dried fruit, which is more popular among other types of nuts. The types of exported pistachios actually have similar properties in terms of nutritional value. All types of pistachios have antioxidant properties and contain vitamins and brain elements for body growth. These factors have caused the demand for the wholesale purchase of Iran's best type of pistachio for export to be constantly increasing. Exported pistachios are used in the preparation of delicious foods such as ice cream, sweets and snacks.

Wholesale purchase and sale of pistachios

As it was said, Iran is one of the top two pistachio production poles around the world, which exports this product to more than 50 countries directly and indirectly. It also has the largest share among agricultural products. Therefore, the bulk buying and selling of pistachios in Iran are done by various centers all over Iran. Considering that pistachios are produced in different regions of Iran, there are many processing and buying and selling centers in Iran.

Kivaaz Trading Company is one of the pistachio shopping centers that exports high-quality Iranian pistachios to different countries of the world. For bulk orders of Iranian pistachios, you can visit our website at This group buys pistachios directly from the farmer and offers them to the market without intermediaries. Contact the sales manager of our collection for advice and purchase of first-class pistachios.

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