Zionist regime not understand covenants: Raeisi

TEHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – The Zionist regime does not understand covenants, said the Iranian President, adding those who thought that the solution to save Palestine is at the negotiation table are wrong.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Wednesday morning, Ebrahim Raeisi congratulated the birth of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS).

"The comprehensiveness of Islam can meet all the needs of today's mankind and contemporary man can create a happy life for himself by relying on God, self-confidence and religious learning," he said. "The comprehensiveness of Islam meets all the needs of contemporary man and gives him the strength to stand against cultures that are not compatible with religious life".

Thanking the attendees of this conference, the Iranian President said, "This meeting will lead to a common understanding among all influential figures in the Islamic world regarding the huge capital called religion and religious values; a great capital in the name of religious people and Muslims and believers in religion, as well as Islamic lands, which today with all the material and spiritual wealth are at the disposal of Muslims."

Raeisi considered educated young people with a tendency towards spirituality, the spirit of resistance and standing against the enemy, being ready to take risks in the path of religious life and the educated human resources of the Islamic world as other great assets of the Islamic world and pointed out, "The thinkers of the Islamic world are a great asset who are ready to stand together from various fields, universities and scientific and research centres against atheistic thinking, secular trend, takfiri and extremist thinking."

Pointing out that men and women in Islamic countries are ready to unite with each other in the name of religion and frustrate the enemies, the President stressed the need to think to understand the tricks of the enemy in the field of downplaying the abilities of Muslims and exaggerating their own incapacity.

"The flag that Imam Khomeini (RA) raised was the flag of unity between all Muslims all over the world, with all dialects, in all regions and with all viewpoints," he noted.

Raeisi further referred to the civilising and synergistic capacity of Islamic countries and said, "Today, Muslims have many commonalities that can create a great religious and civilising power in the world and stand tall and raise their flag."

The President called the special task and the main message of the 36th Islamic Unity Conference for Muslims to create a common understanding among all elites and intellectuals of the Islamic world in the direction of unity and said, "The message of this summit to enemies is that we want the life of contemporary man to be in the name of the religion."

Referring to the important role of the martyrs of the global Islamic movement in the awakening of the nations, Raeisi clarified, "Those who thought that religion is an individual and personal matter and has nothing to do with social, economic, political and cultural affairs, have awakened throughout the world thanks to the pure blood of the martyrs."

Stating that the conspiracy against Muslims is due to the fear of the arrogant powers of the anti-arrogance capacity of the Islamic world, the President clarified, "What made the arrogant powers conspire against Muslims after the Second World War was that they came to this conclusion in their thinking rooms that Islam is the only obstacle against the unilateralism of the domination system."

Raeisi continued, "After studying, they came to this conclusion that the only power that can stand proudly against the system of domination is only Islam and those who truly adhere to religion and religious values."

Stating that holding this meeting can play a significant role in promoting unity among Muslims, the President added, "The role of scholars, prominent people, cultured people, history makers, future makers is irreplaceable. Today, unity is not a tactic for us, but a very basic strategy."

Raeisi stated, "The meaning of this statement and the translation of this view is that whoever contributes to the unity of the Islamic world by writing, speaking, deed, and non-deed, has moved in the direction of the necessary strategy of the Islamic world."

Pointing out that the enemies launched a wave of Islamophobia to counter the unity strategy, the President stated, "To promote Islamophobia, they launched the current of terrorism and many other conspiracies and seditions in the Islamic world, but what was able to defeat their conspiracies was coherence and unity."

Referring to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution's emphasis on Jihad of Explanation, the President said, "Today, everyone has a duty to enlighten by any means they can, and to explain both the position of Islam and Muslims, as well as the state of the enemy and their weakness."

Emphasising that the way to achieve this goal is standing and resistance, the President said, "Those who thought that the way to save Palestine is at the negotiation tables and thought that you can talk with those who do not understand the logic, are wrong."

Raeisi raised the question of whether the Sharm el-Sheikh, Oslo, or Camp David agreement did anything, and basically, whether the Zionists believe in and adhere to the agreements, and clarified, "The Zionist regime does not understand covenants, because if they believed in the covenant, they would remain loyal to it."

The President pointed out, "What should be done against those who break the covenant, the logic of dealing with such people is to resist and stand up; What the dear Palestinians and Lebanese, Palestinian and Lebanese groups, Hezbollah, Hamas and other resistant groups did."


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