Official rejects any links btw Nika's death and riots

TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) – The caretaker chairman of Tehran criminal court rejected any links between teenager Nika Shakarami's death with the recent riots in the country.

Mohammad Shahriari, caretaker chairman of Tehran Province criminal court  said about the details of Nika Shakarami's death case that "At 7:30 on Wednesday, 21th Septemeber, the people who lived in a apartment block on Amir Akram Roundabaout in Tehran noticed the body of a young lady in their yard, and they immediately informed the police station in their neighborhood. A specialized teams of detectors were sent to the location and found out that that lady fell from the the rooftop of an adjacent building into the yard of that building."

Shahriari said that the young lady''s backpack was discovered on the rooftop of the nearby building and added, "The body was immediately taken to the forensics as an unidentified person."

He added that "The forensic pathologist carried out an autopsy and took toxicology and pathology samples at the order of the judicial authorities."

Shahriari said that "During the autopsy and the research on the corpse, multiple fractures were observed in the pelvis, head, upper and lower limbs, hands and feet, and in the pelvis, which indicated that the person had fell down from a height above the ground. According to the investigation, it was found that the person had fallen down."

He further said that the building bloc was still under construction and the residents had not noticed her falling down from the rooftop.

He added that the CCTV videos show that on the morning of the day of the incident, 17-year old Nika Shakarami entered the building with a backpack and did not push the doorbell because the building was still under construction and the door was opened after pushing it."

The caretaker chairman of Tehran Province criminal court  added, "Investigations have shown that the house of Ms. Shakrami's aunt is in an alleyway next to that building and 2 blocs away from the location where the body was found. The motive of this lady's entry into the unfinished building is still unknown."

He went on to explain more than "Ms. Nika Shakarami did not return home on the 20th September (the day before the incident) and her mother made many calls to her and requested her to return home or her aunt's house, but Ms. Nika Shakarami did not return home after all efforts."

According to the judicial official, "Nika's mother also made a call to one of her daughter's friends, Aida, and asked her to call her daughter and ask her to return home, but Nika had refused to return home."

He also pointed out her mother came to the police and identified her corpse on 29 Sep. and her corpse was delivered to her family on Oct. 1.

He went to say while investigations are still going on, all the workers in the unfinished building have been interrogated or a few of them are still in detention over Nika's case.

Shahriari also pointed out that Nika had left school and was working with a cafeteria.

According to him, her case is still under investigation and the results will be announced to the public as soon as the investigation are completed.


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