No Iranian nationals banned from entering homeland: Judiciary

TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – The head of Iran's Judiciary Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i has said that Iranians living abroad can freely return to the country and take possession of their properties inside the country.

Speaking in the High Judicial Council of the Judiciary on Monday morning, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i pointed out there are Iranian nationals living abroad who wish to return home while they are scared of facing prosecution in the country.

The Judiciary head underlined, "No Iranian, who is a citizen of Iran and is now outside, is barred from entering in the country and there is no ban on their return."

Mohseni-Eje'i added, "There are cases in which if these people come back and their issues are dealt with here, it will be in their interest and they will get out of the situation of uncertainty."

The head of the Iranian Judiciary further said, "Currently, there are people abroad whose properties and estates inside are not taken care of, and some stakeholders scare them out not to return to the country, but if these people return, their financial cases will be resolved in a simple and precise judicial manner."

He continued, "There are people because in the past they were banned from leaving the country are now worried that they will be arrested and sent to jail upon their arrival at the border and their cases will not be dealt with. However, these individuals can return to the country after filing their cases with the Iranian Judicial system without fear of getting detained."

Meanwhile, Mohseni-Eje'i reminded the prosecutors and the legal authorities that persons who were banned from leaving the country in the past and do not have an arrest warrant now must not be detained just because they were barred from leaving the country, and this must be done."

The Judiciary chief further noted, "Many people who have criminal or legal files, especially those who have a legal case and a long time has passed from their arrest warrant or their ban from leaving the country, there is no need to detain them. These persons can submit their cases to the Communications Center of the Judiciary or prosecutors and they can enter the country without any worries.


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