Netanyahu is Israel's most failed prime minister

TEHRAN, Jun. 16 (MNA) – Netanyahu is arguably the most failed cabinet leader in the Israeli regime's history.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been Israel's prime minister since April 1, 2009, said goodbye last week to his long-held dream of creating land from the Nile to the Euphrates and accepted defeat at the height of his failure. Looking at Netanyahu's record, he is arguably the most failed cabinet leader in Israeli history.

Netanyahu, who came to power after Hezbollah's victory in the 33-day war and Israel's defeat in the 22-day war in Gaza, began his duty with the promise of the complete destruction of Hamas. The Israeli invasion of Gaza began in 2014 with the aim of destroying Hamas, but the Palestinians and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas annulled the ability of the Iron Dome with rain rockets. In this battle, the ground attack of the Israeli military forces on Gaza was not effective and Hamas in response to this action fired 100 missiles from Gaza into the territory of occupied Palestine. Israel lost the war not only militarily but also politically, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement condemning the actions of the occupying regime after the repeated bombing of UN-supervised schools.

Following the international failures of Israel during the Netanyahu era, the regime was expelled from UNESCO at the end of 2018, and this development caused the Trump administration to leave the organization by accusing UNESCO of "anti-Israel approaches". In recent weeks, international organizations, including Human Rights Watch, have officially declared Israel an apartheid regime.

With the help of the United States and terrorist groups such as ISIS, Netanyahu began invading Syria in January 2011 to ousted President Bashar al-Assad, but not only did he not achieve this goal, but his farewell to the presidency coincided with Bashar al-Assad's re-election. In addition, the US and Netanyahu aggression in Syria strengthened the resistance front and the undeniable isolation of Israel in West Asia.

Netanyahu invaded Gaza again in recent weeks, mistakenly exposing Tel Aviv, Haifa, and most cities in the occupied territories to Hamas' high-profile missiles and the Axis of Resistance. He not only conceded defeat in this war but was also declared a war criminal by international organizations and even France. Today, Netanyahu is bidding farewell to a prime minister as the powerful Hamas has always stood up to Zionism.

Netanyahu was a staunch opponent of Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy and with extensive US-backed activities, sought to thwart Iran's efforts to achieve uranium enrichment. To achieve this goal, Israeli terrorists have repeatedly assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists. Netanyahu also failed in this direction, and today the Islamic Republic of Iran has begun to enrich uranium 60% and has made great progress in the field of nuclear energy.

The failure of a great deal of the century and the unwillingness of the world to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and finally the withdrawal of the main Zionist supporter of Trump and Bolton from the US political scene, are all signs of the failure of the former prime minister of the regime. Netanyahu also upset Biden with a miscalculation and support for Trump during the election campaign and lost his European allies by insisting on continuing the settlement, leaving the office of a prime minister with a cold US-EU relationship.

In 2017, Netanyahu, along with a number of Israeli ministers, businessmen, and journalists, was accused of corruption and added another stigma to his record. He is also accused of receiving about $ 100,000 as a gift from Arnon Millshan, one of the big names in the Hollywood film industry, since 2009. After receiving these gifts, which were in the form of expensive items such as wine or cigarettes, Netanyahu enacted the law of their choice. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's wife is also accused of using the state coffers for private purposes.

A few days ago, thousands gathered in Tel Aviv to celebrate Netanyahu's ouster. Mostly Jews, they considered Netanyahu to be the main enemy of the Jews and demanded that he be tried for corruption. It will not be long before Netanyahu is tried in international courts for war crimes against the Palestinian people, and the most failed prime minister of Israel will experience difficult days.

Of course, it is not expected that Netanyahu's successor and his fragmented and unstable cabinet will be able to meet the legitimate demands of the Palestinians, and the resilient and militant Palestinian people will continue to force the intifada for holding a referendum to determine the favorite regime which replaces Zionism regime in the futures. A system in the shadow of which Zionism will disappear and Muslims, Jews, and Christians will live together peacefully.

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