America is a major violator of human rights

TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – The United States and the West are among the main human rights abusers, and the West's past crimes in its colonies is a clear example of human rights violations.

Ayatollah Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the suggestion of some institutions and experts, has designated July 7-12 as American Human Rights week and has called for this opportunity to be used to Disclosure and condemn human rights violations by the United States. The initiative of the Leader of the Revolution in naming the American Human Rights Reading and Disclosure Week has very important messages, and in fact, exposing the ugly face of the United States has become a strategic matter and has become one of the duties of the Islamic world.

For years, Western countries, especially the United States, have been accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of human rights violations by waging psychological warfare against the Iranian people.

The United States and the West are among the main human rights abusers, and the West's past crimes in its colonies, especially in Africa and their current atrocities, including complicity with the Zionist regime in the massacre of the Palestinians and complicity with the Saudi rulers in the massacre in Yemen is a clear example of human rights violations.

One of the most obvious examples of human rights abuses by the United States, which, according to the Iran Leader, the United Nations should also condemn, is the burning of the Davidic Center during the Clinton presidency. At that time, the US military brutally attacked members of a Christian denomination who had gathered in a house, and dozens of women, men, and children were burned alive in the blaze.

The crimes of American officers and soldiers in Afghanistan's Bagram prison are unprecedented after the occupation. In this prison, American soldiers cut off the fingers of their victims and used them as game pieces. They used the severed heads of innocent Afghans as soccer balls and enjoyed the sexual harassment of prisoners in front of their families. Similar crimes took place many times in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The torture that took place in this prison is a kind of medieval harassment perpetrated by the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people and has a history in Iran during the Pahlavi era.

The Guantanamo Bay massacre, which is another manifestation of human rights abuses, is not hidden from anyone, and its pathetic images are available on the Internet. At Guantanamo Bay, Americans imprisoned their opponents in the worst possible conditions without trial and did not even give their bodies to their families.

The racist and inhumane treatment of people of color by the US police and military, which culminated in the assassination of George Floyd, is undoubtedly in violation of human rights. Today, Americans of color, the main victims of American human rights, are targeting the unjust structure of the United States in their struggles and are determined to change that structure to continue the struggle.

The creation of terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra and giving them a mission for the US proxy war against Syria and Iraq is also on the US human rights record. In fact, the United States is complicit in all of ISIL's atrocities against the defenseless people of West Asia.

The US support for the Zionist regime for the brutal massacre of the Palestinian people, most recently in Gaza, is a prime example of human rights violations by the White House. Such crimes should increase the US support for the Saudi rulers in the war in Yemen, and unfortunately, all these crimes are being committed in front of the eyes of the United Nations and the head of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Bachelet.

Every fair and just person, looking at the available statistics and information, concludes that no government in the world has violated human rights as much as the United States. However, human rights violations by France, Britain, Canada and the Zionist regime, both in the past and now, are obvious and have clear examples, and unfortunately, the countries that hold the flag of human rights protection were and are the main violators of human rights. .

American Human Rights Week is a symbol for exposing the west and American crimes, and the activities of relevant institutions should not take place only during this week. The fact is that given the crimes committed by the United States in different parts of the world, every day can be considered a day of human rights violations by the United States.

Relevant bodies such as the judiciary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and non-governmental organizations must coordinate and plan to expose and condemn human rights violations by Western countries, especially the United States, and fulfill the strategic demands of the Leader of Islamic revolution.

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