IAEA confirms installing more advanced centrifuges at Natanz

TEHRAN, Apr. 22 (MNA) – The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that Iran has begun installing more advanced centrifuges used for enriching uranium at Natanz nuclear site which was hit by an act of sabotage few weeks ago.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has previously informed the UN nuclear watchdog of its decision to install more advanced centrifuges at Natanz which was hit a few weeks ago by a blast reportedly carried out by Israeli regime in a bid to destroy Iran's enrichment capacity.

Laurence Norman of Wall Street Journal said on his Twitter account about the news that "“On 21 April...the Agency verified at FEP that: 30 cascades of up to 5060 IR-1 centrifuges; six cascades of up to 1044 IR-2m centrifuges; and two cascades of up to 348 IR-4 centrifuges - to enrich natural UF6 up to 5% U-235 - were installed, of which a number were being used."

He added "Iran formally notifies of its plans to expand advanced centrifuge (IR-4) production at FEP in Natanz. From report to IAEA board “As a result, according to the updated DIQ, Iran intends to use the following centrifuges to enrich natural UF6 up to 5% U-235 at FEP:"

The American journalist added “A total of 6084 IR-1 centrifuges in 36 cascades, 1044 IR-2m centrifuges in six cascades, 1044 IR-4 centrifuges in six cascades and 174 IR-6 centrifuges in one cascade.”

After the US exit from the world powers' nuclear deal with Iran in May 2018 and imposing the unprecedented sanctions on the Iranian nation which was followed by the indifference of the European parties to the need for compensating Iran's losses as a result of the US violations of the international accord, Iran started reducing its JCPOA commitments in five steps and finally suspended voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol on February 22. Tehran recently started 60% enrichment after an "act of sabotage" reportedly carried out by the Israeli regime on Natanz nuclear enrichment site. The JCPOA Paragraph 36 allows Iran to diminish its abidance in the case of violations of the deal by other parties.

Iran has vowed that it will change course and will return immediately to its JCPOA commitments as soon as other parties, most notably the Europeans, abide by the provisions of the accord. 


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