Iran's Cinema Verite enjoys special place in World

TEHRAN, Dec. 26 (MNA) – Iran's Cinema Verite enjoys a special place in the world. This type of filmmaking is a gateway to the world of cinema that has a great impact on its audience.

This cinema is so important in Iran that there is an independent channel called the IRIB Documentary Film channel which has many interested audiences.

Therefore, a festival that looks at truth and research and is far from hypothetical stories and fantasy as well it speaks to the audience through living heroes and takes them to the heart of the story is more important than any other glamorous festival in Iran.

The Cinema Verite Festival is a special importance not only in Iran but also in the neighboring countries and the Middle East in particular.

Documentary cinema has elements that cannot be found anywhere.

Documentaries and realism are becoming more and more important as they have the power to teach. Documentaries are a profound and informative resource that provide a good platform for dialogue.

They act as a powerful tool to bring important issues to the table in a deceptive way that sparks conversation and sometimes even social movements.

Documentaries can be a very effective way to introduce new topics and achieve specific themes. They allow you to have a "complete broad" knowledge base, not just specialize in one thing.

In addition, Cinema Verite can offer shared and unique experiences when videos, views, ideas are shared with people.

The Cinema Verite is also considered as a vital link in the global film culture chain that encourages a wide and diverse range of perspectives.

It has been teaching its audience to talk about difficult topics for years and in this way it can continue growth of enthusiasts in this field continues

The Cinema Verite is now an exceptional tool to communicate from the farthest corners of Iran or even the farthest place in the world. The festival is working hard to expand its programming scope to attract a diverse audience of films.

It makes every effort to support new facts and documentaries and to provide the best possible platform for them

Obviously, this is different and more worthy from the glamorous red carpet and fashion festivals, which will probably remain in our nostalgic golden past.


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