Iran economy to do better than Germany in current year

TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected all countries such as Germany, however, Iran’s economy will register positive growth till yearend.

Speaking in a meeting of Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters on Saturday, Rouhani said that Germany’s economy has recorded a 5.2% percent of shrinking since the start of the outbreak. “This is an advanced country that neither is under sanctions nor has any problems. Our economy will have better conditions than this figure and our economic growth minus oil will be positive till the yearend.”

Rouhani emphasised that coronavirus does not recognise the poor and rich and to deal with it requires national determination with a sense of social and moral responsibility, adding, "The only way to deal with coronavirus and break the transmission chain is prevention, and this prevention is possible with the participation of all members of society."

"We must do something to strengthen empathy, coordination and synergy in the country, and we must all join hands to ensure the health and livelihood of the people in the current situation of confronting coronavirus," he said, according to the President’s press service.

Rouhani appreciated about 8 months of dedicated efforts of the country's medical staff in the fight against coronavirus, and stated, "People's appreciation to the medical staff is possible by wearing masks, observing physical distance and health instructions."

The President further thanked all the departments, including the knowledge-based companies, which are working on research in the field of vaccine production and the construction of equipment needed by medical centres to fight against coronavirus, and said, "The production of the first human vaccine by these companies is commendable."

Rouhani also praised the performance of the economic and productive sectors of the country to meet the needs of essential and basic goods needed by the people.

The President also thanked the digital economy sector of the country and said, "According to the statistics, the growth of this sector in the first six months of this year has been many times higher than last year, and the digital economy has played a very important role in complying with health principles and reducing physical contacts."

Referring to the statistical reports on the disease situation in different provinces of the country, the President said, "The charts show well that by reducing observance and ignoring health protocols, we will immediately face an increase in disease. We have a national determination with a sense of social and moral responsibility."

"Reducing social discipline is making it difficult for us," he said, adding, "We need to increase supervision and monitoring, and even designate fines for violations and deal with them."

Rouhani called the concealment of the disease by a person infected with coronavirus an important and unforgivable mistake and said, "Those who hide their disease should be fined."

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