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TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Moving from one country to another is very stressful for many immigrants. It is challenging for an immigrant to digest and absorb a new culture, values, lifestyle, and language completely different from what they were born in.

Immigrating to the United States and Los Angeles is a stage in which people change their lives, and there are significant changes for immigrants. These big changes that cause depression in some newcomers to this big city. Depression is one of the essential psychological problems for immigrants, and, unfortunately, these newcomers do not talk about their depression and mood swings. Only when the issue of depression reaches its acute stage do the family members realize and seek help. It is at this point that skilled Iranian Psychologists in Los Angeles are needed.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large and modern city on the southwest coast of the United States and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of ​​1302 square kilometers and is a natural habitat of many plant and animal species, and is full of natural and God-given beauties. The diversity of Los Angeles's unique natural areas and species has made this great American city one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Among the cities where Iranians live, Los Angeles is the capital of Iranian immigrants. This beautiful city in southern California is home to just over 700,000 Iranians, and the city's Iranian community dates back more than half a century. No other city could host such a small and diverse world of Iranian immigrants and compete with Los Angeles in this regard. Tehran Jeles is the center of the Iranian industry and culture, which has embraced thousands of Iranian artists and musicians in particular.

Iranians have a high level of education, social status, and economic and financial conditions, both inside and outside Iran. Unfortunately, the social base of Iranians and their solidarity, especially in terms of political and social activities in the host countries, is not stable and essential, because they have much less unity and integrity than other ethnic groups.

This issue may cause psychological problems among Iranians that must be treated by a good psychologist.

Iranian Psychologists in Los Angeles

Most Los Angeles Iranian immigrants have no family, friends, or support. It often happens that as an immigrant, you turn to an Iranian psychologist for help so that you can talk to him about your problem and ask him for help in treating it.

Many Iranian Psychologists in Los Angeles can help their compatriots deal with depression and mental health problems caused by immigration and being away from home.

They have studied for this job and spent many years gaining knowledge. Their high level of experience in solving mental health problems can help Iranians in Los Angeles deal with these problems.

Living in a big city like Los Angeles and the problems that immigration faces have other issues, one of which is hard and continuous work. As an immigrant, you have to work hard in a developed country like the United States to have a good life. Continuous work can also put pressure on anyone and cause them mental problems. Iranian Psychologists in the United States are familiar with these problems and know well how to treat Iranians for these mental disorders.

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Iranian Psychologists are the best help for Iranians' psychological problems in Los Angeles due to their excellent knowledge in their field of study. Iranians can easily communicate with him in his mother tongue and not be afraid of other languages like English.

The patience of Expert Iranian Psychologists makes the patient feel comfortable with him and talk about his problems. He listens to all the talk so that he can find a way to cure it.

Iranians in Los Angeles and the United States can ask friends and acquaintances to find the best Iranian Psychologists or search for them online.

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