Fight against coronavirus top priority for intel. community

TEHRAN, Apr. 07 (MNA) – Chinese Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Chang Hua said that the fight against COVID-19 is a mutual responsibility for the international community and a top priority for the governments.

“The fight against coronavirus has become a mutual responsibility for the international community and also a top priority for all the governments. Recently, however, some US officials and politicians have published some false reports and kept the world busy with issues such as condemning China for its secrecy in the fight against COVID-19 which prompted the international community not to adopt necessary measures to contain the virus for 6 weeks. We strongly oppose any approach that tarnishes the efforts made by the government and people of china in the fight against coronavirus.” Chang Hua noted.

Chinese Ambassador maintained that research conducted by World Health Organization, the US, Europe, and China along with some other countries indicated that although the first cases of the COVID-19 were found in Wuhan, this does not necessarily mean that China was the source of the outbreak.

“However, in recent days, a number of reports have been published which claimed that the number of COVID-19 victims in Wuhan is higher than publicly announced. These reports are originated from American psychological warfare that is led by US institutions. They cited false reports from the US intelligence service regarding China’s secrecy over the number of victims and infected individuals in the country. We quickly stopped the spread of COVID-19 by spending billions of yuan and taking necessary precautions to protect Wuhan. Withholding information on the number of victims is not basically possible and does not make any sense. Taking such an approach to attack china is extremely wrong.” Chinese Ambassador said.

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