Yemeni forces fully liberate northern province of al-Jawf

TEHRAN, Mar. 19 (MNA) – In a press conference on Wed., the Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya Saree, revealed the details of the major military operation, codenamed ‘Allah Overpowered them’, ending with the complete liberation of Al-Jawf Governorate.

Brigadier-General Saree said that by the liberation of Al-Jawf Governorate, we have confirmed our ability to impose new equations in a different geographical reality, on more than one front, and during a record period, Almasirah reported.

He pointed out that our forces carried out with high efficiency all operational tasks after having been able, with God's help, to move from the defense stage to attack within the overall military strategy.

He pointed out that the continuous successes are an actual translation of what the Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Houthi referred to regarding the achievements of our forces on all levels. "Operations were in all the southern axis of Al-Jawf governorate, included provinces of Al-Hzm, Al-Maslob, Al-Ghayl, Al-Khalaq, Al-Matun and Aqaba of Khob Wa ASha'af.”

He revealed that the enemy forces in Al-Jawf consisted of a full military area called the sixth, in addition to 6 brigades and 3 battalions of Salafi mercenaries and police groups." US-Saudi aerial aggression launched more than 250 raids, he said, adding, "Saudi enemy pushed hundreds of mercenaries into battle, most of them were in Najran, Jizan, Asir.”

He pointed out that Saudi enemy received severe retaliatory attacks in response to its military escalation in ground and air in AlJawf battle.

Brigadier Yahya Saree said that all of recent targets, included in our military operations, were among the announced bank of targets for our forces. "Air Defense managed to carry out 10 successful combat operations, forcing hostile warplanes to leave, in addition to the successfully shooting down a Warplane. "Engineering Unit and Anti-armor Unit succeeded in carrying out all tasks during the operation by dealing with the enemy's armored vehicles", he added.

The Armed Forces spokesman proudly saluted the responsible position of Al-Jawf tribes and their role in defeating the forces of aggression and invasion and their rejection of the mercenaries, agents and traitors.

Pointing out that the position of the tribes is not alien to tribes that have a long history in combating foreign aggression and invaders, and they have principles and values that refuse mercenaries and do not accept traitors and agents.

The Armed forces spokesman confirmed that the operation led to secure all populated districts in AlJawf and normalizing the situation in Al-Hzm after its liberation, where an estimated 1,200 were killed, wounded and captured by mercenaries in the reference.

He announced that Saudi prisoners fell in the hands of the army and the popular committees during the operation, "so it was possible for them."

He pointed out that the Armed Forces took historical archaeological areas into consideration during the implementation of the operation and will remain committed to preserving those sites until they are received by the competent authorities, pointing out that archaeological and historical sites have been subjected to systematic destruction by the aggression and its mercenaries during the past years and the media can visit those sites.

"We have found hundreds of mercenaries who are fleeing, as part of their positive interaction with our armed forces' steps in dealing with them to escape certain death," said the Armed Forces spokesman.

Saudi prisoners were captured by the Army and Popular Committees during 'Allah Overpowered them' Operation.

He added that the offer primarily includes mercenaries as a valuable opportunity in front of them to obtain a financial compensation equal to what they would have obtained from the aggression during the next several years, whoever help in arresting a leader of mercenaries, local or foreign, regardless of his rank will receive special treatment in addition to a big financial compensation.

He stressed that the armed forces are committed to implementing the directives related to the prisoners and what our religious duty dictates to us, especially towards the Yemeni mercenaries, pointing out that the chief of staff, Major General Mohammed al-Ghammari, instructed to allow the Yemeni prisoners to disclose their fate to their families through communication with their families and relatives.


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