Rachel Corrie Symbolizes censorship in US media: American politician

TEHRAN, Mar. 17 (MNA) – American politician and director Art Olivier noted, “If we look at the letters Rachel Corrie wrote to her parents from Palestine, we will realize her depth of understanding.”

March 16 marks the 17th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s martyrdom, an American peacekeeper who was run over by Israeli bulldozers in 2003 in Gaza.

She was the symbol of peacekeeping and freedom-seeking. She went to Gaza Strip in Palestine in 2003, and when an Israeli bulldozer was trying to destroy a Palestinian home, she stood in front of it and was run over deliberately and brutally.

A side street is named after her around the Argentine square in Tehran.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, American politician and director Art Olivier noted that Rachel Corrie was the symbol of US media censorship and a reflection of Israel's inhumane character.

“Regardless of the moral and humane significance of what Rachel did, she awakened American conscience to take a fresh look at world events which lead to the massacre and genocide of innocent people with the interference of its leaders and the Israeli policies,” he added.

“The driver was coordinated with the Israeli officials, especially since he was later acquitted and the court ignored the defenses of Rachel’s parents and friends.” He said

The American politician went on to say that if we look at the letters Rachel sent to her parents from Palestine during that short period of time, we notice her deep understanding of her surrounding developments, especially since this issue is insignificant to most US citizens.  

“In her letters, Rachel repeatedly compared the living conditions of Palestinian and American regions and criticized the US government for contradictory behaviors towards Palestinians and its support for Israel. It is clear that she had a proper understanding of political developments, humanitarian issues, and human rights.” He noted.

According to this American director, US media ignored Rachel’s death and never wanted to mention her name. However, some insignificant individuals are seen as heroes in the country. He reportedly has written a screenplay called “Rachel forever” about Rachel Corrie.

Art Olivier pointed that this 23-year-old American girl was a peacekeeping student at the age of 10 and despite the fact that she had a good economic condition, she preferred to work on more important issues than welfare. That is why she joined peacekeeping organizations.  

Interview by Mehdi Azizi

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