Qeshm Island, a brilliant gem of history and tradition in Strait of Hormuz

TEHRAN, Mar. 27 (MNA) – If you're planning for the trip of a lifetime to Iran, make sure to give Qeshm Island a visit, as well. The island comes with so many beautiful places to see that will leave you completely awe-struck and reluctant to leave at the end of your journey.

Why Qeshm Island, you ask?

Because it’s Iran’s biggest island (made even more prominent if you visit it after Kish), it’s in a free zone, which means that you don’t need a visa to go there, its tourist spots are known as seven wonders because they're just that awesome, it has a Global Geopark, many shopping malls with decent prices, its historical texture is mind-blowing, and also, dolphins. I mean, who doesn’t love dolphins?

Before making the trip, first decide your priorities. If you’re visiting Qeshm for sea-related reactional activities such as diving, choose spring and autumn for the perfect water temperature. If you’re just sight-seeing, winter and autumn are your best shot, as the island can get incredibly hot and humid during summer. Although summer is the best time for shopping because of the discounts. So, plan for your trip carefully!

Here are some of my favorite places on Qeshm Island, visiting which will for sure make for an unforgettable adventure:

Valley of Stars

The name in itself is charming enough, but wait until you actually see the place. The Valley of Stars is one of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island, featuring a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over centuries by erosion. But if you ask the locals, they will give you some interesting tale imbued with the supernatural about a fallen star that brought the picturesque valley into existence. In fact, make sure to ask the locals about the story behind every place you visit in Qeshm. They make for a very entertaining conversation. 

The Naaz islands

There is actually something interesting in the name. ‘Naaz’ in Persian means beautiful in a coy and bashful way. When I asked one of the locals about why the islands are called that, he said it’s because they ‘play hard to get’, by which he meant, at low tide, the islands are connected to the shore and you can literally walk over to them on foot; but at high tide, the littoral zone is submerged and you have to use a boat to get to the islands. While on the shore, you can choose to ride a camel, fly a man-carrying kite, get a henna tattoo, or have your fortunes told by a female local.

Chahkooh Canyon

You could say, it’s Middle East’s Grand Canyon. The canyon, located in the northwestern part of Qeshm Island, has come into existence due to erosion through rainstorm water on sedimentary stone. It is inscribed as a UNESCO Global Geopark site, and comes with rounded edges and sharp corners, as well as wells of freshwater and cool wind. In fact, you can drink from the wells (chah, hence the name). They have been used by shepherds for centuries.

Mangroves of Qeshm

The mangrove forests in Qeshm are as close to magical as you can get. Dominated by a single species, Avicennia marina, the Qeshm mangroves like to play hide and seek during low and hide tides. There are boats that take you for a breathtaking journey through the green waters and the mangrove trees with their roots disappearing in water. Make sure to be there when the sun is about to set. You’ll thank me later.

Hengam Island

I told you about dolphins, didn’t I? Well, if you want to get an eyeful of a group of dolphins playing in the water, you have to take a boat to the Hengam Island. The tour guide will stop the boat in the vast expanse of water and let you watch and coo at the cute dolphins for a while. Then, you will be taken to Hengam Island, where you get to walk on its silvery beach, try the local food and buy lots of pretty trinkets for your trip back home. You can also get some pretty henna tattoos here, too, if you like.

Qeshm is truly a marvel, in that there are so many awesome things to see here. This list only includes my top give favorite spots, but I’m sure you will get to enjoy every place you visit there. Oh, and if you’re looking to go shopping, pay Dargahan a visit. It is located in the central district of Qeshm, with many shopping malls along the streets, and amazing seafood with decent prices, too!

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