Maximum political use of coronavirus against Iran

TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (MNA) – While Coronavirus has entangled many countries around the world, the Saudi and UAE media have resorted to maximizing the political use of the disease against Iran in an anti-human rights manner.

It's been a while that all governments, nations and international organizations are concerned about coronavirus. All the countries have made many efforts to prevent or reduce the transmission of the virus.

Most media in the world have focused on prevention and awareness-raising, and in addition to providing public education, they also have incorporated the alerting process into their news policies. All these measures are taken in the context of prevention and deterrence rather than producing anxiety, horror or pressure that disrupts both the mental security and the physical immunity of people.

Meanwhile, even countries that do not seem to have good diplomatic relations or at least a deep history of political relations have not sought to turn this crisis into a pretext for political opportunism. This is not even acceptable in basic forms of diplomacy.

However, it should be mentioned that everything is different about Iran. Although many natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods have been turned into pretexts for the hostile media to defame Iran, it was not expected to happen again in the case of coronavirus because of the human and moral dimensions of this global crisis.

However, the policy of these media and news agencies has been set and invested in destroying Iran's image. It is not fair, however, for a global catastrophe in which the human factors are the least involved to become a tool for political opportunism. Unfortunately, in the past few days, the Saudi and Kuwaiti media and some media in the region have taken full advantage of coronavirus against Iran, regardless of the human and moral dimensions.

Meanwhile, the role of the Saudi and UAE media was more prominent in the past few days, with the editorials and headlines devoted to the political exploitation of the coronavirus and knocking Tehran. All these attacks and destruction occur while Saudi Arabia itself today imposed a jail fine for those who broadcast any news about the coronavirus.

The situation in the UAE is no better than in Saudi Arabia, as recent revelations by a prominent Emirati activist have shown that the UAE itself is susceptible to the coronavirus more than many other countries. In this regard, prominent Emirati activist Ali al-Tawail said: "The number of people with coronavirus disease in the UAE is several times higher than the official figures have announced." Schools, public and non-governmental higher education and many other institutions in the UAE are going to be closed for several weeks, indicating a widespread coronavirus outbreak in the country.

In these countries, the situation is not normal and people are facing empty and closed stores and they are anxious.

The advice for the Kuwaiti and Saudi media is to adhere to the professional and ethical approaches and focus on educating their citizens the preventive measures rather than addressing Iran and the political use of coronavirus to relieve their political complexes.


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