How Guterres suppressed the Western media warfare against Iran

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – On the morning of September 14, 2019, the Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Buqayq and Khurais in eastern Saudi Arabia were attacked by the Yemeni army and Popular Resistance Committees, which cut the country’s oil production by %50.

From the earliest moments of the event, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., which were in great shock, held Iran responsible for the attacks without any evidence.

However, the Yemeni army spokesman took the responsibility for the attacks and stated that they were launched in response to the Saudi invasion into Yemen. The spokesman also rejected statements by U.S. and Saudi officials about Iranian or Iraqi intervention in the event.

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. were pursuing several considerable goals by accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of involving in the attacks, including:

1.  Derailing the public opinion from the main reason triggering the event, which was the continuing aggression of the Saudi-UAE coalition into Yemen and the daily killing of Yemeni women and children. 

2. Refusing to accept that the Yemeni army has dealt such heavy blow since they did not believe that Yemen would be able to carry out such an operation.

3. Engaging Iran in the event to prove Tehran’s active role in the Yemen war.

4. Making excuses to justify further legal, political and military reactions and measures against Iran in order to complete the maximum pressure campaign.

These accusations, however, failed to convince local and international public opinion due to the lack of substantiated evidence.

On the one hand, the inability to convince the public opinion as well as international organizations raises the question about the U.S. technical capabilities to identify from which side the attacks originated. Although an international fact-finding committee was established by the UN, there was no sign of Iran’s involvement in the attacks.

A few days ago, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres affirmed in an official statement that the UN is “unable to independently corroborate” Iran’s role in attacks on the Aramco oil facilities.

In fact, statement by Guterres has suppressed the Western propaganda campaign against Iran over the past three months, which sought to describe the Islamic Republic as a destabilizing factor in regional and international developments. The West was trying to justify the continued killings and aggressions by the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen, which are being carried out through financial and military support by the U.S., the Zionist regime, Britain, France and Germany. 

* Author: Mohammad Ghaderi , Tehran Times editor in chief 

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