Everything you need to know after Iran e-Visa rejection

TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – Here is what you need to know and do if your application for an Iran e-Visa ever got rejected.

As a tourist, if you apply for an Iran e-Visa, you might find yourself being rejected. In that case, don’t be alarmed. We'll inform you about common reasons for getting the rejection message, in addition to what you can do to finally get a visa to the spectacular country of Iran.

Reasons for Visa Rejection:

Make Sure that Your Job Doesn't Result in a Visa Rejection

In order to prevent the entry of spies into Iran, journalists, press photographers, and government workers are banned from entering Iran without undergoing certain process. Police officers and even national athletes may also face a rejection message.

You should also keep in mind that working in the media will make things harder for you while applying for an e-Visa. If you are applying through the Iran e-Visa portal yourself, you will be asked to send your complete CV, complete with all your social media pages, as well as a copy of your passport, visa application forms, photo for verification, your hotel reservation, and your flight information. Individuals with media-related professions may end up with an Iran e-Visa rejection.

Being an Israeli, UK, US, or Canadian Citizen

Citizens of Israeli regime are not allowed to visit Iran under any circumstances. In addition, if you are not from Israeli regime but you have traveled there before coming to Iran, make sure that at least 6 months have passed from your trip to the occupied lands. Do consider that if you apply for a visa immediately after your travel there, it is highly possible you will be denied entry. 

UK, US, and Canadian citizens can travel to Iran under some restricted circumstances. They must have an approved tour guide with them at all times.

Reason for Travelling to Iran must be Specified

It is worth mentioning that your reason for traveling to Iran must be mentioned in your application form. For example, if you are an athlete you should apply for a sports visa. If your tourist visa is rejected, you can simply apply through a local travel agency after 24 hours. 

Keep in mind that you must reserve a hotel in advance. So, mention the name of the hotel you have actually reserved. Don’t just write something to fill in your form. Reserve it for real.

Message of Rejection

You might be faced with the message in the screenshot below. The message gives you no reason for the rejection. All it says is that you have to apply for your Iran Visa through a travel agency. This is because local travel agencies can do more individualized processing. 

You may read on various online sources that once your visa gets rejected, you cannot apply again. Don’t believe this statement and don’t miss the chance of an astonishing trip to Iran, the land of magic and adventure. 

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