IRGC commander warns US, UK, SA, Israel not to cross Iran's red lines

TEHRAN, Nov. 25 (MNA) – The commander-in-chief of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has addressed a massive rally in Tehran to denounce recent foreign-backed riots in some Iranian cities.

Chief Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami addressed a massive rally in  Symbolic Enghelab (Revolution) in Tehran to denounce recent foreign-orchestrated riots in some Iranian cities, which broke out under the guise of peaceful protests against the substantial increase in the price of gasoline by the government.

General Salami said that the anti-rioting massive rally in Tehran was a final nail in the coffin of the biggest enemy in history, namely the United States. 

The IRGC chief commander warned that Iran will destroy Saudi Arabia, Israel, UK and the United States if they cross Iran's red lines.

“You tested us on the battlefield and received solid slaps but you could not respond; The entire world has probably seen some of these slaps and while have not seen some of them. You must wait and not cross our red lines because if you do, we will destroy you.”

He warned the enemies against any aggression, calling on them not to test Iran’s patience. 

General Salami further advised the enemies to look up to the Iranian nation otherwise “no enemy anywhere in the world would be safe."

Furthermore, the IRGC top commander advised the ‘Zionists’ not to wait for help from the United States as it has shown to be disloyal and it arrives very late to help after they are destroyed.

He quoted a foreign ambassador in a secret meeting as acknowledging that Iran’s economy is putting an end to reliance on oil revenues as a result of the economic sanctions, saying that he/she was advising the participants of the meeting to allow Iran to sell its oil in order not to let it achieve its goal of an oil-free economy.

Elsewhere, he referred to the recent unrest in Lebanon and Iraq and praised the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei as a great man on whom “any nation relied rose and anyone who got away from him fell.” 

 “As you know our Leader defeated the policy of the US and the Global Arrogance in Lebanon and he created such a big army there, of which Zionists are shivering with fear day and night,” in an apparent reference to Hezbollah movement.

“He saved the Iraqi nation from the devils and danger of partition and brought the [Iraqi] nation together,” General Salami went on to praise the role of Iran’s Leader in bringing territorial integrity and security back to Iraq.  He further hailed the Arbaeen pilgrimage procession, which is annually held in Iraq, as a great example of Islamic unity.


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