Public demands right, Hebrew-Arab-Western interventions palpable

TEHRAN, Nov. 05 (MNA) – Sheikh Ali al-Asadi, Chairman of Al-Nujaba’s Political Board, criticizing the unfulfilled promises of the government that have led to popular protests, stressed that foreign elements are attempting to abuse the right demands of citizens and take revenge on the Resistance.

The chairman of al-Nujaba’s political board, in an exclusive interview with YJC, elaborated on the recent developments in Iraq and described the post-2003 organizational corruption of the government as the cause of Iraqi unrest.

Saying that popular demands in Iraq are right, Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Asadi accused foreign elements of opportunistic penetration and intervention aimed at the destruction of the state’s political structure and taking revenge on the Resistance.

He pointed out that enemies have focused on Iran, Hezbollah and the IPMF; as they were the main causes of the failure of the said enemies’ plans and the change into the equation in the Middle East.

This top-rank official of the Resistance, pointing to the high position and initiative of the religious sources of emulation in Iraq, expressed hope for the better future of the estate attained through the attempts made by the brave Iraqi youths.

Al-Asadi, describing the promises of the government on meeting the demands of protesters as ineffective, expressed, “Iraqi people are tired of slogans and promises, as none of the promises given to people in the past 16 years, together with election promises, have been fulfilled.

The full text of this interview is the following:

What is going on in Iraq? And what is the cause and nature of current demonstrations and protests? Why are protests quickly dealt with violence?

What is now going on in Iraq is a popular movement for gaining access to services and the minimums of a good life like what other people enjoy. The slackness of politicians in providing people with services and the basic needs of life and filling the class gaps is palpable. 

Furthermore, political and organizational corruption in governments has continued following 2003. It doesn’t mean that the past rulers weren’t corrupt; but, it means that people expected the governments following the Taught attend to all hardships people sustained during the rule of Baath party; however, unfortunately, the political class acted slackly and ignorantly in this regard.

These demonstrations started with some right popular demands, however, some foreign and internal elements attempted to divert them from the right path; but we hope that our children don’t let the enemies swerve demonstrations anymore.

Iraqi and Lebanese demonstrations are being held simultaneously, are these local and internal, or do they have some foreign causes?

In order to take sectarian revenge and to destroy the political structure of Iraq, some internal and foreign elements attempted to change the peaceful demonstrations into violent ones.

Initially, it seemed that demonstrations were held on popular demands; however, those observers and people who watched Western, Arab and Hebrew media found that such demonstrations are being arranged abroad.

Abusing shortages and political class’s corruption, they prepared the ground for hitting the countries that fight the global Zionism and their mercenaries. This scenario is also being played out in Lebanon.

In your opinion, is there any relationship between the victories of the Resistance Axis, failures of Western-Arab-Hebrew Axis and the current unrests in the two said countries?

Certainly, there is a relationship between the victories of the Resistance Axis and these demonstrations.

The ones who attempt to ignite the fire of struggle have totally focused on Iran, Hezbollah and the IPMF, as they are the main causes of the failure of the said enemies’ plans and the change into the equation in West Asia.

What is the difference between the October 25th demonstration and the past week's demonstrations in terms of their domain? Did the government's announced program for improving the economic situation and the life of people, and the announcement of the position of sources of emulation, shorten the domain of unrests?

In terms of domain, the 25th October demonstration was not different from other days’ demonstrations though there were some arrangements and calls for this specific day.

Iraqi people are tired of slogans and promises, as all the promises given to them in past 16 years, together with election promises, haven’t been fulfilled and accordingly, the government’s program will bear no fruit.

Nonetheless, the statements of the religious sources of emulation were highly effective but not as before; as the Western-Arab-Hebrew Axis has organized a lot of propaganda against the sources of emulation.

Once the blessed Fatwa of the sources of emulation frustrated the plans of enemies, they endeavored to weaken the trust of some gullible in this sacred entity; however, fortunately, a group of wise people managed to illuminate the consequences of what was broadcasted by those media and the position of the sources of emulation; and now, the sources of emulation have the initiative.

In your opinion, what is the task of political parties and movements and protestors concerning the peaceful passing of the present situation? What is your assessment of the future?

Political parties and groups have a heavy responsibility towards this innocent nation; the nation that has forsaken whatever it has for maintaining its dignity, therefore, officials are supposed to correct the past mistakes in a manner that benefits the state.

And concerning protestors, I should say, “We are standing by you and we belong to you, we stand next to you in right demonstrations, but you oughtn’t to let infiltrators and mercenaries penetrate into your groups. Iraqi people will meet its demands through the attempts made by its brave youths and hopefully, a better future is waiting for our country.


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