‘No more tolerance of Israel over Lebanese airspace’: Nasrallah

TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech on Monday evening a day after the Resistance forces carried out a successful operation across Lebanon border.

On Monday evening, a day after the Hezbollah fighters carried out an operation across the Lebanese southern border with the occupied lands of Palestine and destroyed an Israeli military vehicle across the border, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech.

From day one, we said wait for us we are coming, Nasrallah said about the retaliatory operation by Hezbollah fighters yesterday afternoon in response to last week’s drone attack by the Israeli enemy.

He vowed to retaliate against Israeli violation of Lebanese’s airspace if Israel repeats its aggression.

The Hezbollah leader said that Israeli forces had evacuated their posts after Hezbollah warning, adding that the video footage also showed they evacuated even some settlements.

The Lebanese army and the resistance forces did not evacuate and were in their post contrary to the Israeli army, which claims to be the strongest in the region, according to the Leader of the Resistance movement.

Hezbollah precisely hit its targets as shown in the footage, he noted, adding that the operation against Israel was a successful achievement.

He praised the Lebanese officials for not being scared of Israel aggression in retaliation for the Hezbollah operation.

Hezbollah carried out the AVIVIM operation to show strength of the Resistance forces, Nasrallah added, while stressing that “we have a higher level of deterrence power now.”

“We have a higher level of deterrence now and we have changed the rules of engagement,” the Hezbollah leader further underlined.

All Israeli positions are targetable if Israel repeats aggression against Lebanon, Nasrallah continued to warn.

He further stated that Hezbollah broke the biggest red line of Israel by targeting it across the border, adding that “the era of ‘we accept and we keep a close eye on Israeli aggression’ is over.”

This was the start of a new phase and we no longer have red lines in targeting Israel, Nasrallah underscored, adding “we will no longer tolerate Israeli violation of Lebanon airspace.”


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