Paris is completing the US puzzle against Iran

TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Although the French government insists on showing itself in this equation as an independent actor, the particular insistence of Paris to oppose Iran's missile program is in line with the interests of the Trump government.

In September (2017) and during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, extensive talks were held between US, British and French officials over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Britain, as the United States traditional ally, and France as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, had a perfect deal with Washington in this regard.

Although Paris and London have repeatedly voiced their opposition to the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA and called for respecting the nuclear deal, in practice, we see France and Britain cooperation with the US against Iran.

In this equation, France plays an important role. A review over the positions of the French President indicates the same point. On 2017, Emmanuel Macron, on the one hand, stated that the nuclear deal is unchangeable and, on the other hand, called for the completion of it, by including Iran's missile power and imposing permanent restrictions on Iran! Obviously, this contradictory approach is not acceptable at all. 

Now the joint game of France and the US has to be carefully scrutinized by our country's diplomacy apparatus and foreign policy system. It should not be forgotten that Washington and Paris are completing a common puzzle. In other words, we shouldn't see the games of Paris and Washington separate in this field. Speaking of France as a "medium player" or an "independent player" would be a mistake in our foreign policy.

Meanwhile, the soft literature of the French authorities shouldn't deceive us so that we may ignore the danger of a sudden change in this country's conduct. 

We are currently in 2019. Although President Donald Trump has formally withdrawn from the nuclear deal (JCPOA), the common game of US and France against Iran is still ongoing. Statements by members of the Emmanuel Macron government to negotiate about Iran's missile power and limiting the regional power of our country, Reflects this fact. Undoubtedly, the direct game of the French government in the field of trump will continue.

On the other hand, the French government has played a very important role in delaying the registration of the SPV. The fact remains that secretly and anti-Iranian negotiations between the US Department of State and the French Foreign Ministry continue after the US withdrawal of JCPOA.

Ultimately, the Iranian nation clearly sees and condemns the anti-Iranian behavior of the French government. Undoubtedly, people like Macron have no justification for this! French support for terrorist and anti-Iranian groups, helping Saddam during the war, imposing various economic sanctions against Iran, non-lifting of Iran's sanctions after a nuclear deal, and opposition to Iran's missile program, all indicate that the French government is the enemy of the Iranian nation.

Gets Undoubtedly, if the French do not retreat from the path and wrong behavior that they are taking against Iran, they will see more hatred of the Iranian public opinion towards themselves: The fact that Macron does not understand, like Sarkozy and Hollande (as the three impotent presidents in France).


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