Saudi-led coalition escalates attacks on Yemen, repeatedly violates al-Hudaydah truce

TEHRAN, Jan. 15 (MNA) – While over a month has passed since the cease-fire agreement in Stockholm over Yemen, the aggressive Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the Yemeni continues to violate the cease-fire, especially in al-Hudaydah. This is despite the fact that the Yemeni resistance groups have not violated the ceasefire.

Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree has published numerous reports on the Al-Hudaydah truce violation by the Saudi regime and allies. The latest reports suggest that the Saudi-led coalition, supported by the US and the UK, has over a thousand violations of the ceasefire during this period. The Yemenis, of course, responded to the violations.

Ever since the truce, the Saudis have mostly targeted Yemenis’ residential areas as well as schools, universities and hospitals deliberately and in a well-laid plan to provide grounds for the failure of Stockholm's agreement.

The latest example of which is the artillery strikes on the al-Hudaydah University of Science and Technology. The obvious invasion took the lives of some civilians and left others severely injured. 

This crime against humanity, which is clearly in conflict with the terms of the Stockholm agreement, shows that the scope of Saudi attacks on al-Hudaydah is not limited to only air operations.

Until now, the United Nations has not provided the means, capabilities and authority to force Saudi-led coalition to keep the terms and conditions of the cease-fire agreement.

The United Nations passive reaction, has made the regime and its allies bolder in committing numerous crimes against Yemeni civilians. 

Despite all these obstacles, the Yemeni forces have adhered to the deal inked in Sweden and explicitly stated that they will remain fully committed to Stockholm's agreement in the future.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the head of the Houthi' Supreme Revolutionary Committee has announced that his forces had committed to a cease-fire in al-Hudaydah, while the Saudi-led coalition has violated it. He also criticized the null function of the UN in regard to condemning the Saudis’ violation of ceasefire in Yemen. 

In any case, the Saudi-led coalition repeated violations of the ceasefire agreement in Yemen's al-Hudaydah is Saudi’s way of covering their defeat in Yemen. However, the Riyadh authorities are playing innocent and blame the Houthi Yemenis for the defeat in political solution in Yemen. What they seek is distract the public from their major defeats in Yemen after four years. 


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