Israel's moral and political defeat

TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) – The recent tensions raised between the Zionist regime and Hamas have simultaneously targeted the political and military foundations of the Israeli regime.

According to different sources, Netanyahu is to introduce the elections' date in the occupied territories on Sunday. On the other hand, Netanyahu's former secretary of defense Avigdor Lieberman, while stressing his decision (which led to the dissolution of the coalition government in Tel Aviv), has expressed concern over the strength of resistance forces in the future.

Many analysts believe that even in case of an early election, the next government in Tel Aviv will be a weak and vulnerable one; a government that will lose much of its regional and domestic maneuver ability.

Another important point is that Netanyahu and his wife, face a new charge of corruption as well as the troubles caused by Lieberman's withdrawal from the coalition government. This issue can lead to the political death of one of the bloodiest politicians of history. There are some points about current changes going on in the occupied territories that should be taken into consideration:

Firstly, the United States, Britain, and France, as supporters of the crimes of the Zionist regime, were once again prepared to pave the way for the continuation of Israelis bloodshed and crimes against the Palestinians. The failure of the UN Security Council on how to deal with the fresh wave of deadly Israeli attacks against the Palestinian territory has once again proved that the United Nations Security Council has become a platform to support the Zionists' crimes.

On the other hand, with Donald Trump at top of the political and executive equations of the United States, Netanyahu had no doubt about Washington's support for Tel Aviv in the war against Hamas. Indeed, what's the reason behind the withdrawal and defeat of Israelis against the Islamic Resistance of Palestine?

This question will be answered if we look through the existing realities in the occupied territories. The inability of the Zionist regime to destroy Hamas missiles on the one hand and rocket-attacks on the lands and settlements of the Zionists by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (in response to Israel's crimes) forced the Zionists to stop their invasions.

As Hamas official, Ismail Radwan noted; “You will not commit a crime without being held accountable for it. The resistance’s missiles were launched from here and hit the Zionist depth. The message was clear: bombardment for bombardment, killing for killing, blood for blood.”

Netanyahu, on the other hand, knows well that Zionist settlers and even those residents of Tel Aviv and Haifa, after witnessing several Israeli military defeats against Hezbollah and Hamas (since 2006), will no longer trust the Israeli regime in providing them with safety and security. It should not be forgotten that Netanyahu's retreat against Hamas is not due to his peaceful nature! Benjamin Netanyahu is the same criminal who is prepared to take any villainies against the resistance groups and the innocent Palestinians, and he aims at destroying these groups.

Even many Zionist politicians have repeatedly condemned Netanyahu over his excessive risk-taking. But this time even Netanyahu has lost the risk power against the resistance groups. Obviously, Avigdor Lieberman's cries can't reduce Netanyahu's fear of Hamas. Of course, Lieberman himself clearly understood the truth about Tel Aviv's inability to face Hamas and the resistance groups, but he still doesn't dare to confess the truth.


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