Not an easy time at all and no thanks to US

TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) – The world waits to see what the Syrian Arab Army and allies are going to do now that the "West" has warned it will attack Syria if there’s a full scale assault on the terrorists in Idlib.

I would humbly suggest surrounding Idlib with a single exit corridor for civilians and starve al-Qaeda and the rest of the terrorists into submission. Syria can appeal for support on the civilian question in Idlib.

Are the terrorists going to make hostages of the civilians there? And then what do you do with the terrorists? Where do they go if they ever are crushed and leave Syria? I suggest the US, which has coddled the morons, invite them to DC. I can't imagine Erdogan or Europe wants them, even though they were literally created and funded by both the US and Turkey, and the Saudis especially. Best would be that they lay down their arms and if any are actually Syrians, they submit and re-integrate into Syrian society as civilians. The rest must go.

At this point the real danger is whether the "West" can admit defeat in Syria and get out and let Syria recover. I for one cannot understand why Syria is a problem for the US, or Iran for that matter. Is ANY independent state in the Mideast that isn’t comfortable with US or Zionist imperialism at risk? It seems so. The Syrians are NOT going to attack the Zionists directly except with language and have not done so since 1973 during the Yom Kippur war.

The war almost toppled the Zionists, except that the US stepped in and gave Israel massive backup and refreshed military equipment. It seems the US and its allies and the Zionists never had any plan for the Mideast but chaos – aimed at making “Israel” indomitable. Not Iraq or Libya or Yemen or Syria or Iran have ever really presented any danger to the U.S. or Israel, except ideologically.

There are so many threads to US hostility, perhaps including a fear that the integration of Eurasia based on Chinese initiatives will dethrone the hegemony of the US economically if and when Eurasia prospers, and that includes Iran prospering, too. The U.S. refusal to accept and even integrate itself to a multipolar world does indeed risk sparking World War 3 where the primary actors would likely be Russia and China allied with its allies against the US.

The entire world is grappling with a situation in which the Neocon conned Washington is so determined to overthrow Assad and leave Syria in the same chaos as Iraq and Libya, for examples, that the Trump administration seems willing to risk war with arguably the best equipped nuclear armed power, Russia. Never before in recent times have irrationality and even immorality had such a grip on any government.

And it’s about the maintenance of the dollar, too, at a time when in the US a $1 trillion fiscal deficit has already arrived a year in advance of 2020 predictions. Indeed, the fate of the US dollar is key and it has strengthened and laid waste to national currencies in Iran, Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey and in many other countries. The US is burning down the world to defend the dollar, which is the source of its economic clout aside from military power.

But what kind of world, in all fairness, is it where the US can buy real goods from other countries with fiat dollars and expect those dollars to be recycled in to US Treasuries to support US spending profligacy and debts that are so enormous the world has never seen such sums before?

Indeed, it has been argued that one of the most important events of the last century was the decoupling of the dollar from gold by Richard Nixon in 1971. Since then, the world has seen the emergence of a financial empire that has largely brought the world to its financial system. America has grabbed (or stolen) physical wealth from almost everywhere by simply printing green paper, and by creating economic colonies subservient the US empire.

And any country that refuses to go along with this scheme entirely becomes an enemy of the US We are seeing this clearly now in the extreme weaponization of the dollar via sanctions and other nefarious moves that are crippling the economies of other countries, including Iran’s economy. This economic empire is nonetheless unsustainable.

It is unsustainable because the primary rivals of the US, China and Russia, are slowly working towards a multipolar paradigm which in time will dethrone the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. They are, for one thing, resurrecting gold as a currency of sorts and are not of late anyway buying US paper, but rather many tons of gold.

IF the US does not spark a World War, which could well devastate the entire world and send it back to the Stone Age, the new paradigm of multipolarity both economically and monetarily and militarily will emerge and end, once and for all, the sickening aggression of the US, especially since 9/11. It is a shift requiring extreme delicacy on the part of every nation disgusted with what the US has done to harm others. So, we wait and hope for good outcomes not only in Syria, but in every other country suffering the lash of US aggression.


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