Faint stars in a blackened heaven still exist

TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Trump, in fighting parlance, may be on the ropes, may be impeached sometime in the coming months, and it does appear that the Democrats may achieve a majority in the US House of Representatives in the midterm elections in November.

The so-called “Deep State” and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) are now going full tilt to bring Trump down, and Trump, given the loose cannon he has been, may prove his stupidity once again and try to deflect attention from his woes by starting another war.

It’s important to note that George Bush won the Presidency in part because he promised a “humbler” foreign policy and US extraction from overseas wars, that Obama became President because he campaigned on the same note, and that Trump himself won his votes by suggesting détente with Russia and winding down US aggressions overseas. All three candidates basically lied to the American people.

 I still believe that Trump would LIKE to reorient the US away from all the carnage, but then his hands have been tied and he has, in many respects, gone the other way by surrounding himself with Neocon advisors. About all that can be said about the latter is that maybe he made such appointments under the concept that one might best keep one friends close, but also one’s enemies even closer? This, however, is probably desperate, wishful thinking. And even if it were true, that Trump was and is smarter than anyone can think right now, it is not evident yet.

The other thing, if Trump might have been thinking (wishful thinking on anyone’s part) about keeping an eye on his enemies, assuming he had any “peaceful” intentions, is that he threw the Neocons, many of them Zionist Jews, the ultimate bone: absolute allegiance to the Zionist agenda, what with the withdrawal from the JCPOA, the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the cut in funds for UNWRA, the refusal to condemn in any way the extraordinary ramp up of Zionist aggressions – slow motion genocide really – against the natives of Palestine.

This truly has been Trump’s cardinal sin to date, and unfortunately, it does not look like he’s going to back off in other arenas. For example, just this week, he allegedly did an about face, 180 degrees, and claimed that US troops would remain in Syria until, it seems, there is some kind of regime change involving Assad’s eventual ouster. Also, this past week, if anything can be more telling, he cut millions of dollars in funding for Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem – meaning that critical cancer drugs, for one thing, for patients there may be unavailable in future.

It has lately been argued that the slide in Trump’s political fortunes might be temporarily reversed by attacking Iran, if only by deflection, since Iran’s leaders, and rightly so, have not responded to Trump’s appeals for “talks” with Iran’s leaders. Both James Mattis and even Mike Pompeo see risks in this gambit, but this does not lessen the risk than an attack could occur and then get out of hand, particularly before the midterm elections in November.

No question Iran seems never to have been in such a bind since before the 1979 revolution, and so unnecessarily and absurdly. However, it may be that that one positive note is that things may not get worse than they are now. The entire world in groaning under the lash of US aggressions: wars, trade wars, sanction, threats and more such that backlash is growing: any notion that the US can avoid becoming a pariah state, as the Zionist state already is, is hogwash. And there are other positives worth noting. 

For one thing, a majority of the American PEOPLE are fed up with Washington, even if effective democracy has been severely weakened in the past three decades and voices of dissent are not heard enough, much less acted upon.

Also Dr. Lawrence Kolticoff, a respected economist and professor at Boston University, has lately reiterated strongly his belief that the US is financially bankrupt and that financial catastrophe is dead ahead. And the why is obvious: US foreign policy and spending since the breakup of the USSR.

It was back then that the “End of History” was proclaimed by some arrogant US intellectuals with the end of the USSR, as if forever ahead U.S. world dominance would always prevail. Kolticoff believes the only politician who ever brought to light the US fiscal situation was Ross Perot long ago, and since then it’s been more or less buried by every aspirant to and holder of public office in the US.

Oh yeah, and one more bit of positiveness, and one wishes to cite more of same, but that’s coming: Paraguay, initially moving its own embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the heels of the US move, just announced it’s moving back to Tel Aviv. The Netanyahu government responded as expected: it closed its embassy in Paraguay. And I really can’t imagine Paraguay cares one bit.


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