Perils could actually herald positive change

TEHRAN, Aug. 10 (MNA) – American analyst Martin Love has written his analysis on the anniversary of the US atomic attacks on two Japanese cities and has also had a brief look at the US foreign policy and the Zionists' grip on it.

Sometimes, more often than not, I write against the US as it was and as it has been since. I was born right after Fat Man and Little Boy were thrown at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The public was told these two crimes against Japanese civilians, when Japan was already prepared to surrender, saved lives and shortened World War 2. It did neither. The war was already won in the Pacific The US in fact was sending a message to the USSR, which more than any country had defeated Nazi Germany: “Look what we can do to you if you don’t behave.” Hundreds of thousands of Japanese perished to deliver what amounted, at bottom, to a threat to the USSR. And since then?

No doubt the US government has done at least some good in isolated locations around the world, but on balance the idea and fact of “Empire” has gotten insanely out of hand since the turn of the century, and on balance the US has caused more carnage and humiliation to others trying to maintain power and dominance than any other country in world history in the past century. Iran has suffered, beginning with the CIA and British coup against Mossadegh. But maybe, maybe the chickens are coming home to roost as the US government as it has been, may be becoming of late more isolated and reviled, and if you ever imagined you might live in “interesting times”, they have arrived. And oddly enough, amid the dangers, there may be cause for some hope ahead. Consider that the geopolitical deck is getting reshuffled, at least slowly. Alliances and perceptions are changing. Currently, for examples, Turkey seems to be falling out with both the US and the EU, the US falling out with the EU, Canada and Mexico (and others), Saudi Arabia falling out with Canada, Turkey and Qatar, and tradition Western allies appearing incapable of getting along, among many other instances of discord.

While one cannot disagree with some moves Trump has made, including the appearance at least of Trump’s suggestions to reduce tensions with Vladimir Putin and the Russians, a suggestion which may literally threaten his Presidency, his greatest failings are, of course, his Middle East policies where the Zionists have been setting the agenda, particularly with regard to Iran. He can tweet and tweet idiotically, endlessly send out messages that he often contradicts the next day, but as long as he protects the super-rich oligarchs and permits the Zionists’ to control him, and allows the US Military Industrial Complex to do its worldwide murder and to loot the US Treasury, he will be allowed to carry on, and meanwhile the Democratic opposition, which claims to be more “sane”, really is not yet and its intentions though cast differently are just as inimical – until something breaks. And something will break. Perhaps it will be the faux health of the US economy and its perilous finances. Perhaps it will be an overwhelming preponderance of breaks with allies like the EU that make it impossible for the US government to maintain its desired status quo. Perhaps even some kind of revolution in the US is brewing. No one is happy with the stance of Washington against Iran except the warmongers, and Neocons, and that includes many Americans. Do not be deluded: those who are pulling Trump’s strings with regard to the Middle East would like nothing more than for Iran to fall apart and be drowned in chaos of the sort that ensued in Assad’s Syria until recently. If Iranians were fully aware of this, they would hang tough through the sanctions and threats until they abate, and if Iran can manage somehow, they will abate.

And Americans are wising up through all the propaganda, at least at the margin, because they see that Republican Party domination in Washington of late is dismantling, or wants to dismantle, not only protections of free speech and the free press, but also environmental protections and cherished social programs like Medicare and Social Security – at the behest of greedy corporations and other 'elites'.

Iranians must be aware that the American PEOPLE, by and large, have no ax to grind with Iran. In fact, even such media pundits as Geraldo Rivera of Fox news have lately questioned why Iran, and not Saudi Arabia, has been demonized by Washington. He went on to suggest that Iran ought to replace the Saudis as an “ally” of sorts in the Middle East…but of course that goes against the Zionists’ grip on foreign policy. And one must note that Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party in the UK, attacked so viciously of late by Zionist zealots even in his own party, is actually gaining support among Jews in the UK even though he has long been a champion of human rights, has supported relief for the long-suffering Palestinians and claimed he would endorse Palestinian statehood. Grand it would be if Corbyn becomes Britain’s Prime Minister, which is a real possibility.

Just this week, another promising development. The state of Michigan is likely to send the very first Muslim woman to the US House of Representatives in November. This is Democrat and atttorney Rashida Tlaib, 42, daughter of Palestinian immigrants who just won a primary election. Representing part of Detroit and Dearborn, she may be joined by a couple other Muslim candidates in Congress come November.

In any broad survey of the geopolitical landscape, which is being reshuffled like never before in decades, the one clear takeaway is the necessity for not just Iranians, but all people distressed by narrow and desperate US imperialists, to maintain solidarity and cool heads whatever the pains as something better and new may be born not merely in the US, but worldwide.  


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