Hezbollah most prominent anti-terror body in ME

TEHRAN, Jan. 25 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi told the members of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament that Hezbollah played a bold role in eradicating the ISIL.

“The issue of climate change is one of the main areas of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Europe which should be followed with adopting a suitable mechanism,” said Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi.

The Iranian senior MP made the remarks in Belgian capital city of Brussels on Thursday during a 3-hour meeting with MEPs of the foreign affairs committee of the EP. He is visiting Brussels in the company of MP Mohammad Mahdi Boroumandi and MP Shoushtari following an invitation from the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EP, David McAllister. MP Boroumandi is the Deputy Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and MP Shoushtari chairs Iran's Parliament Human Rights Commission.

The Thursday meeting, chaired by McAllister, was focused on international and regional challenges and the relations between Iran and the European Union.

In the opening of the meeting the European Parliament’s special rapporteur on migration presented a report on the measures evaluated by the European Parliament on preventing the illegal migrants from entering the Europe and called for cooperation of all countries.

Then the Iranian law-maker referred to three decades that Iran has been hosting three million Afghan refugees and said that although dealing with the challenge of migration and refugees is a joint responsibility of the whole international community, Iran has received the least international support in the last three decades for shouldering the huge expenses of hosting Afghans.

While boasting that Iran has always held a humanitarian approach toward the Afghan refugees, Mr. Boroujerdi cited the Leader’s decree making the public education free for the children of illegal Afghan migrants.

He then lashed out at some European countries for their anti-humanitarian and violent approach toward Syrian dis-located refugees.

“US with flaring the fire of insecurity, instability, and terrorism in different parts of the Middle East is playing a bold role in intensifying the migratory waves of refugees to neighboring and European countries,” said the senior legislator calling for an end to US adventurism in the region.

He also called for special attention to be paid to the roots of migration and refuge seeking like poverty.

“If the costs paid for militancy and dispatch of troops to Libya and Afghanistan had been spent on reconstructing and creating employment for the people of these countries, today we would not witness the deluge of refugees flooding to Europe,” said Mr. Boroujerdi slamming US and NATO policies in Afghanistan and Libya.

The Iranian ranking law-maker criticized US President Trump for pulling US out of the Paris climate accord. He described the move as the sign of US status falling in the international community.

Also in response to questions posed by MEPs, Mr. Boroujerdi described Hezbollah of Lebanon as the most prominent anti-terrorism group in the Middle East and hailed the bold role of the body in eradicating the ISIL in Syria and Iraq. He also boasted that the Lebanese party is playing a very constructive role in Lebanese government and parliament.

He also referred to the phenomenon of European youth welcoming terrorism and joining terrorist groups and criticized the European governments for condoning the Saudi missionaries who spread Wahhabism and Saudi ideology under the pretext of Islamic teaching.

MP Shoushtari who was accompanying Mr. Boroujerdi told the meeting the root of terrorism in the region was the Wahhabism thought and Salafism ideology both born and supported by Saudi Arabia.

He also lashed out at western countries for keeping hush in regards to humanitarian catastrophes and murder of women and children by American and Western weapons sold to Saudi Arabia in exchange for millions of dollars.

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