Iran’s intelligence ministry recounts measures against recent riots

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Iranian intelligence ministry issued a statement on Wednesday recounting some measures undertaken by this ministry in regards to the recent riots in some cities of Iran.

Iranian intelligence ministry issued an announcement on Wednesday recounting that the ministry has managed to identify and arrest some of terrorists involved in recent days’ riots in Iran.

The ministry says that the anti-Revolution terrorists were tasked with turning the peaceful protests against economic issues into anti-Establishment riots.

“The intelligence ministry succeeded in identifying and arresting some of the elements responsible for riots, murder and beatings of civilians and police forces with firearms and cold weapons, destructing and rubbing from public properties, and disrupting the general order and security, with the help of popular reports and intelligence monitoring,” reads the opening of the announcement.

Also the report recounts that a terror cell who entered the country from western borders, equipped with weapons and three AK-47 rifles (also known as Kalashnikov's Automatic Rifle), were identified and arrested in western city of Sardasht. The cell intended to conduct terrorist operations in Iran.

A culprit responsible for selling 147 explosive detonators and 40 explosives in Varamin was also arrested. Another anti-Revolution element who encouraged people in cyber space to disrupt security and issued training video on how to make explosives and Molotov cocktail on the internet was also arrested.
A cell used by three members of an anti-Revolution terrorist group based in Europe was also located and the three terrorists who were involved in making explosives, like the Molotov cocktail, were arrested.

A high-profile culprit who played a significant role in turning the protests into violent scenes with supply and distribution of various types of firearms, pepper sprays and other destructive devices for rioters, was arrested.

Some of those elements who used the cyberspace to encourage people for riot and anarchy in some provinces were arrested.

Some of those who filmed and pictured the violent scenes in the streets to send to anti-Iran media were identified and arrested.

Also those who inflicted damages to some public venues and religious places were identified and arrested.

The core of the agitators in Izeh, in Khuzestan province of Iran, was also identified and arrested and in inspecting the house of their ringleader quantities of weapons and explosives were discovered and seized. The ringleader encouraged people to set the house of one of the officials of the city on fire.

Also 3 people in Fars province were arrested with large quantities of Molotov cocktail equipment and extremist statements addressing various ethnic groups of the region to carry out armed actions against the Establishment.

The ministry closes the announcement inviting all citizens to contribute to intelligence operations with sharing whatever they find out about suspicious groups and elements with dialing the nation-wide phone box of 113.

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