US after hatching new plots against Muslims

TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – Muhammad Rasulullah Division of IRGC issued a statement in reaction to Trump’s remarks over al-Quds, saying “the unwise decision of US president showed the whole world that the Great Satan uses any means to accomplish its objectives.”

In protest at the recent remarks made by the US President Donald Trump concerning the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and transferring the US embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds, 27TH uhammad Rasulullah Division of IRGC issued a statement thereby condemning the US.

Highlighting Imam Khomeini’s critical stance toward the US, the statement says “today, the world realizes why Imam Khomeini called the US the Great Satan. History always lays bare the true nature of the sworn enemies of Muslims.”

The statement issued by Muhammad Rasulullah Division calls the remarks made by the US president unwise and disgraceful, deems them to be flagrant violations of UN regulations and reads “the Great Satan uses every means to accomplish its objectives and through granting recognition to al-Quds as the capital of the infanticidal, fake regime of Israel, is after hatching new plots in the region and through the world.”

Calling al-Quds the first Qibla of Muslims that has long been occupied by Zionists, the statement goes on “the Great Satan has better be aware that the Muslims have always given devastating responses to the desecrating measures of the Americans and the Zionists.”

The statement vows that Muhammad Rasulullah Division is ever ready to provide support for the Iranian nation in its fight against the world arrogance and says “such animosities, far from undermining Muslims’ confidence in their beliefs, strengthens the spirit of solidarity and unity among them.”

The statement concludes by expressing hope that Muslims can foil the plots masterminded by the US and the Zionist regime.


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