Zionist regime responsible for insecurity, instability in region

TEHRAN, Dec. 06 (MNA) – Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey described the Holy Quds as an indispensable part of Palestine and denounced the decision of the United States, calling on all Islamic, peace-seeking countries to be united and unanimous against the provocative actions of Washington.

In the phone call with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that took place on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani said “we believe that in the current situation, all Islamic countries must be united and unanimous against US incorrect, illegal, provocative and very dangerous decision and take a serious action."

Rouhani appreciated the Turkish president's call, saying "today, one of the priorities of World of Islam is the Palestinian issue, the Quds and confronting incorrect actions of the Zionist regime. We invite all Islamic and peace-seeking nations of the world to stand up against these illegal acts."

Stating that our region needs stability and security, and these incorrect and illegal moves can make Palestine and the entire region destabilized, and referred to the Zionist regime's failure to comply with all UN resolutions and stand against the international community, saying “of course, the Zionist Regime is directly responsible for all instability and insecurity."

Rouhani also said that the responsibility of Islamic countries and Muslims towards the Holy Quds at this time is very heavy, and stated "Islamic countries and all the free countries of the world must act quickly against Washington's move and decision to stop them."

The president said that the Islamic Republic of Iran will participate in the extraordinary summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

At the beginning of this phone call, Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and also thanked his Turkish counterpart for his condolences over terrorist attack on Iranian border guards, saying “we are ready to use our best to strengthen security in the borders and combat the terrorists decisively."

The incident also showed us that the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terrorism has a special significance, the Turkish president also said in a phone call, expressing regret at the testimony of one of the Iranian border guards in the attack on the terrorists.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went on to refer to the decision of the US president to declare Quds as the capital of the Israeli regime and said "this worrying, audacious decision is due to internal disputes in the Muslim world, and now the World of Islam must unanimously show its unity and show its opposition to this move."

The Turkish president stressed that this move is a violation of human rights by the United States and all decisions of the United Nations on the Holy Quds.

"The person who wants stability in the region should not forget that Quds plays a key role in the region and the world," he said, adding that Turkey, as the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, called for an extraordinary summit of the organization in the coming days. .

"This problem and issue will definitely exacerbate the conflicts and bad incidents in the region, and the World of Islam needs to declare its unity and integrity to the world," the Turkish president added.


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