‘WH statement reveals US complicity in Saudi crimes in Yemen’

TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, condemned the recent statement of White House with anti-Iran claims in support of Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen.

“Undoubtedly, the White House statement explicitly revealed US involvement and complicity in the crimes of Saudi Arabia against Yemen,” asserted Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement late on Saturday.

His remarks came after a White House statement, on Friday, which praised Saudi Arabia for allowing humanitarian aid to enter Yemen through a port and via air to the nation's capital city, while accused Iran of exploiting "the grave humanitarian crisis” to “advance its regional ambitions.”

Besides rejecting the accusations leveled at the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ghasemi described the Saudi announcement of opening a port to humanitarian aids as a political pose.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no effort to reflect the echo of Yemeni’s cries for justice and the oppression suffered by the wronged people of Yemen to the ears of the world and international community,” underlined the Iranian diplomat dismissing the claim that Iran has violated the United Nations Security Council resolution on blocking arms to Yemenis.

“We have repeated and re-stated at different occasions that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no military relation with Yemen and the missile or defensive capabilities of Yemenis are entirely of their own domestic issues,” reiterated Mr. Ghasemi.  

He condemned US measure for levelling “baseless accusations” against the Islamic Republic of Iran as an effort “politically motivated and malignly intentioned,” to deviate the attentions of the public opinion and the international community from the “anti-humanitarian and inhumane” war crimes happening in Yemen.

“Instead of urging Saudi Arabia to end the bombardment of civilian targets and killing the innocent and defenseless people of Yemen, they blatantly continue their support for this country to continue its horrendous crimes,” Mr. Ghasemi slammed US approach in supporting Saudi Arabia in war against Yemenis.  

“As we have said before, the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any initiative aimed to send humanitarian reliefs to Yemen and alley the pain and sufferings of the people of this country,” he announced the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for rescuing the civilians in Yemen.

“We remain committed to supporting Saudi Arabia and all our [Persian] Gulf partners against the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ aggression and blatant violations of international law,” reads the Friday statement issued by White House Office of the Press Secretary.

“Backed by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Houthi rebels have used destabilizing missile systems to target Saudi Arabia—systems that were not present in Yemen before the conflict,” the statement says in stark contrast with UN report reassuring no link between Iran and Yemeni forces.

The Trump administration praise is rolled out at the time that aid groups are saying they are cut off from humanitarian reliefs and the war-torn country is still blocked despite promise from Saudi Arabia to lift blockade.

Obstructing deliveries of fuel to the war-ravaged country, has put the water treatment facilities out of service which has led to the outbreak of cholera in a country suffering from medicine and food blockade.


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