Iran urges end to war in Yemen, launch of Yemeni-Yemeni talks

TEHRAN, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Rouhani said that after the end of ISIL, the fight against terrorism in the region should continue, adding "Iran urges end to Yemen's bombing and the launch of Yemeni-Yemeni talks.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a phone conversation with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday and discussed the most important bilateral, regional and international issues.

Rouhani appreciated the French government and people for their message of condolence over recent earthquake in Kermanshah province and said that Iran is ready to deepen ties with France in all fields, based on mutual respect and common interests.

Rouhani further referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and commended the efforts of France and the European Union to consolidate the international treaty, saying "from the point of view of Iran, on the one hand, full and accurate implementation of the JCPOA is an important test for other important international cooperation and, on the other hand, adding or removing parts from the JCPOA will lead to the collapse of this agreement."

He also congratulated the collapse of ISIL's major bases, as the largest and most dangerous terrorist group in the region and the world, saying "the main purpose of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region is to fight terrorism, and we believe that after ISIL, the rest of the terrorist groups must be fought with."

"Our presence in Iraq and Syria has been at the official invitation of the governments of both countries to fight terrorism," Rouhani said, adding "as we have repeatedly emphasised, Iran does not seek to dominate in the region. Iran's goal is to help bring peace and security to the region and prevent division of countries, and in our opinion, in all the countries of the region, the main decision-makers in the region are its people."

Iranian president said the adventures that some inexperienced princes are looking for in the region were to the detriment of the entire region, saying "we are against adventure seeking and division in this region, and we believe that France, with its place in the region and by keeping its independence of vote, can play a constructive role by a realistic and impartial approach."

Emphasising that everyone in the region should be careful not to enter the Israeli game, Rouhani said "Hezbollah is a part the Lebanese people and is very popular in this country, and its weapon is merely defensive and for use against potential attacks on Lebanon."

He added "now, we must all try to ensure that the Lebanese groups can work together in security to have a government that will contribute to the progress of their country."

Rouhani also referred to the developments in Yemen and said "we hope that the siege and bombing of Yemen will be stopped and groundwork will be provided for a Yemeni-Yemen negotiation to restore full security to the country."

Dr. Rouhani called for opening of a route to deliver medicine and food to the Yemeni people in the current situation, adding the French president also called for the need for the development of Tehran-Paris cooperation in all fields of mutual interest and said that all countries should work to protect the JCPOA, and that France is fully committed to this agreement."

Emmanuel Macron also said that the French government is making every effort to help banks and businesspeople strengthen their ties with Iran, describing commitment to the JCPOA a major step in confidence building.

He also referred the continuation of constructive dialogues between countries, particularly in the region, to strengthen its security and stability as Paris' policy, saying: "We are in a mediating position to reduce hostilities in the region and strengthen stability."

Macron also expressed hope that the situations in Yemen and Syria would end as soon as possible and that security would return to those countries.

The French president invited Dr Rouhani to travel to Paris later next month to attend the international climate change conference and discussion on this issue.


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