G-77 calls at UN to comply with official aid to development

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NEW YORK, Oct. 03 (MNA) – The Group of 77 (G'77) plus China demanded , at the United Nations (UN), compliance with the the Official Aid to Development (OAD) as a key element to meet the 2030 Agenda goals.

It is main channel of international cooperation to achieve sustainable development, Ecuadorian Ambassador to the UN Diego Morejon specified on behalf of the 134 countries of the South, after beginning the debate by the second General Assembly commission. With this statement, Morejon ratified the stance by the G-77, faced with the  lack of commitment by the majority of the rich nations with the aid promised decades ago, consisting of devoting 0.7 percent of their Gross Domestic Product to the OAD.

The issue of financing, and especially access by the most vulnerable countries to stable funding sources, is one of the most huge challenges to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a platform adopted by the UN two years ago to eliminate abject poverty and reduce inequality.

Ecuador, which is the temporary president of the G-77, recalled that the promised aid has been reduced in recent years, as well as it has been diverted to situations of crises.

It is a worrying situation that should be reversed, the South American country's ambassador said in the Second Commission, which is in charge of the economic and financial issues of the organization.

In his speech, the  Ecuadorian ambassador to the UN also reiterated the G-77 stance of demanding full respect to the right of the people that live under colonialism or foreign occupation to self-determination , as well as the right of the States to exert their sovereignty over their natural resources.

Morejon also defended here the condemnation by group shaped in 1964 of the unilateral sanctions an d measures against trade that affect the countries in the South and hinder their socioeconomic development.



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