Iranian martyr’s message to world

TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) – Mohsen Hojaji, Iranian defender of holy shrines, was martyred by ISIL forces on early August in Syria.

Mohsen Hojaji was captured on August 7 and martyred in a terrible way two days later in a counterattack by Daesh terrorists. He was martyred when Daesh made a counterattack against a position of the resistant forces in Tanf, an area in Iraq-Syria border.

The attack was carried out with the US intelligence. The Takfiri terrorists had committed such inhuman crimes before, however the world was affected more by this one. The world was affected by this Iranian youth’s courage in countering the criminal enemy and the epic which could be seen in his eyes.

Following are remarkable points related to this issue which hopefully will teach lesson to the terrorists and their masters who have deprived the innocent people in the region of peace and security:

1- The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a victim of terrorism in the past four decades, counters this evil phenomenon with full force and have made the enemies of peace and security upset. Iran has sent the world this message that the country and the axis of resistance are forerunners in seeking peace by adopting the mentioned policy.

2- The hegemonic system led by the US and the Zionist regime of Israel has been making serious efforts to portray a violent image of Islam and Iran, but the public opinion has become aware that Iran is pursuing a peace-seeking policy based on the rights of people regardless of their ethnicity or religion. This approach detests the ideology of Takfirism.

3- The new generation has been educated by the divine teachings of Islam and is ready to help the innocent people, something which has put Iran on the peak of the fight against the anti-human nature of the hegemonic system.

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