JCPOA providing Iran with power parameter, American Enterprise says

TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – A senior nuclear negotiator and head of JCPOA Follow-Up Committee has said JCPOA has a boon for Iran’s beleaguered economy.

Mr. Abbas Araghchi who was speaking in Iran Economic Outlook on Monday, believed the claim that JCPOA had provided the country with strength and advantage was not unfounded; “JCPOA was an issue of debate where political groupings tested their capabilities in arguing for and against an issue of national importance; this was beneficial for the growth of an atmosphere of tolerance and peaceful argumentation,” he told the meeting. “In terms of international effects, JCPOA ruled out PMD, which would have had dire implications should the issue remained unchallenged.”

Araghchi quoted a study by American Enterprise where they found that JCPOA provided power for the Islamic Republic of Iran and positively contributed to country’s place in international community; “we secured deals with Airbus and Boeing which had been out of touch for Iranian airliners since long; this is to recognize Iran as a legitimate entity in international arena; we secured IR-8 centrifuges and now uranium hexafluoride is injected and enriched,” he emphasized.

Araghchi also added that Iran had access to its oil income in lump sums; “this contributes to an economic growth of 7.6 per cent; we had $29bn in oil income and the government has access to this money; in terms of working with world financial system, we are not in a normal condition, since JCPOA had not hit those sanctions beyond its authority; however, it did rule out sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program,” he told the meeting.

“Sanctions related to Iran’s human rights issues are still in place and we have no access to US financial system; however, this would not imply a deadlock for us and we still options to join the mainstream of financial system through smaller banks and economic firms,” Araghchi said. “The reason why Iran’s economy succumbed to economic pressures from the sanctions is that as Leader of the Islamic Revolution once said, it was not strong enough to bear the exogenous shocks; a strong economy as meant by Resistance Economy would provide strong barriers through which no foreign encroachment would hit the softer and more vulnerable parts of the economy,” he concluded.


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