Iran needs no foreign permission for missile tests

QOM, Feb. 01 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi underlined that Iran does not need any permission for its missile tests and national security reinforcement.

Speaking during a press conference in Qom on Tuesday afternoon, Araghchi in response to a question about US failure to commit its obligations to JCPOA, said Iran is able to reverse its commitments under a final nuclear deal in case the other side has breached commitments.

“Whenever Iran feels the other side has not honored its commitments, the reversibility of Tehran’s nuclear program will happen immediately,” he said.

Underlining US breach of the deal since the very first days of the deal, Araghchi said under the act of the Parliament, we have to bring the country's nuclear program to enrichment in the shortest time possible and we will continue on this path.

“While such reversibility for them requires the case to be sent to the Security Council and going through those processes in a long run, for us, it could happen immediately,” deputy FM reiterated.

Pointing to President Trump’s phone call with King Salman and suggesting stricter and more exact enforcement of JCPOA, Araghchi said we do not have such a concept on the basis of our coordination in JCPOA, which highly regards constructive relationship along with implementation.

“All sides have committed to refrain from taking any action that would halt successful implementation of JCPOA, and Iran rejects any act in contradiction with written and agreed obligations,” Araghchi noted.

Deputy foreign minister said Iran’s economy has seen tangible progress with sanctions relief; oil sanctions are lifted and oil money is returned to the country.

Araghchi, given the latest comments by some US officials on Iran's missile program calling it violation of JCPOA, asserted that Iran would continue its missile and defense prorams powerfully as security is its priority and does not need any country's permission in this regard.


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