US pres. elections ‘voice of popular discontent’

TEHRAN, Nov. 09 (MNA) – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council has said US presidential elections highlighted popular defiance of traditional modes of propaganda by media giants.

Ali Shamkhani who represents Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the SNSC, was responding to US presidential elections where Republicans’ Donald Trump secured the White House, and believed that the present elections marked deep discontent of the majority plebiscite with the status quo, a discontent translated well in the results of presidential elections; “the election of Trump communicated critical messages to the mainstream media of defiance of the giants used traditionally to mold popular mentality,” Mr. Shamkhani emphasized.

“The surfacing rift and clash of the populace and the Establishment is now at a peak as people has rejected the traditional means of propaganda; the sheer ignorance of the majority message, crystalized in Occupy Wall Street movement, and that of the unprivileged lower income social classes, have made any prediction of the political behavior and social conditions thereof more difficult than ever.”

Shamkhani believed that shift of focus from general public policy issues to more personal scandals during US election campaign had further exacerbated the situation where an accurate evaluation of the impact of election results to international politics and security would all but impossible; “in any rate, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s well-principled policies of defiance of the east and west, along with a strong domestic legitimacy and ballast, will run the country in a direct path toward national glory, with the least impact from foreign impositions,” he told the press.

Shamkhani voiced the long overdue and deferred hope that the US comes to have a review of its policies [in the Middle East] of domination in favor of spousal of a policy which sees the countries in a more level ground and abandons interventionism in other countries.


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