US rigged system set Trump up for failure

TEHRAN, Nov. 12 (MNA) – Former US Army officer and columnist Joachim Hagopian says the US rigged system let Trump win as a way of setting him up for failure when the global economy implodes in the near future.

The 70-year-old real estate developer and former reality-TV star, Donald Trump, won the US presidency against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday after securing more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win. His election, however, came against the backdrop of mass media predictions gone wrong, Trump’s earlier criticism of the American electoral system, his rocky election campaign marred by controversial remarks against minorities, and the follow-up anti-Donald Trump protests in various parts of the US.  

In an interview with MNA, Joachim Hagopian, a columnist at Veterans Today and a former US Army officer, believes that the result of this election was a clear mandate that "American voters have had enough of corrupt power machine politics" and are "desperate for change". He goes on to note that it would be naïve to think that "a unanimously controlled Republican presidency as well as both houses of Congress will suddenly bring unity and harmony to Washington", with Trump only fulfilling his "figurehead role in the dirty business of oligarchy".

He maintains that if "Trump follows through on creating new jobs to help build a robust national economy, that would be the most effective way to heal the wounds caused by his checkered past" and disparaging remarks against minorities. He further expresses hope that Trump will stick to his noninterventionist agenda and will not attempt to obliterate Iran’s nuclear agreement.

The following is Mehr News Agency’s interview with American political analyst, Joachim Hagopian:

What is your evaluation of the US election results? How come all the predictions by many media were proven wrong?

With a thoroughly corrupt and irreparably broken two party system, US elections always involve two candidates already selected by the ruling elite, although Trump only begrudgingly. So it’s always a choice of the lesser evils. In this case, Donald Trump from the start was viewed by the power elite as the far less favored, less desired outsider. The co-opted mainstream media was also blatantly pro-Hillary and anti-Trump, shamefully displaying the most biased, least objective media coverage of any presidential election in US history. Hillary was the obvious power establishment choice from the get-go. The fact that the outsider who never held public office before actually won is a clear indication that American voters have had enough of corrupt power machine politics. The result of this election was a clear mandate by the people of America rejecting the self-replicating Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty of big government turned fascist totalitarian police state where the interests of the people are no longer served by its oligarchy government. The American people are desperate for change, hence the seemingly longshot success of an outsider making a big promise to “make America great again.” 

Though it may be tempting to proclaim the people’s voice has been heard in a free American election, that exultation would be naïve and misleading. The ruling elite eventually came to realize Hillary Clinton with all her never-ending scandals is simply damaged goods and a growing liability. So the already rigged system of counting votes allowed Trump a narrow margin of victory. The nonstop WikiLeaks exposure of Hillary-DNC emails forced citizens the world over to recognize the rampant US corruption and criminality of its rigged political system as undeniable and indisputable evidence. The entire world now readily sees that American democracy is nonexistent, a propaganda lie and sham historically propagated to serve the aggressive fascist interests of US Empire imperialism. 

All the media predictions were wrong because it was scripted that way. Hillary was their choice. The giant mega media corporations systematically inflated the poll numbers right to the end (Reuters had Clinton with a 90% chance) and through relentless propaganda hype for over a year attempted to convince American voters that heavily favored Hillary was destined to be our next president, like it or not. A recent study of news stories broadcast on the three commercial networks ABC, CBS and NBC from July through October showed 91% of the news was negative toward Trump while minimizing if not ignoring all the email dumps proving Hillary violated espionage laws breaching US national security, engaged in highly illegal, even treasonous “pay-for-play” operations with foreign nationals selling off America to the highest bidders. Her tax exempt Clinton Foundation is a get rich racketeering cartel worth $2 billion that after the Haiti earthquake scammed the poorest nation and people in the Western Hemisphere. 

Many of us in alternative media got the election outcome wrong as well, mainly because we realized how one-sided and fixed the electronic voting machines are. Then FBI Director James Comey reopened the Hillary investigation 11 days prior to election based on what was found on the laptop belonging to disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, husband of 20-year top Hillary aide Huma Abedin. When it was determined to contain explosive new evidence that the Clintons participated in a pedophile sex ring through registered sex offender-billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and Caribbean sex island, it was finally over for Hillary. I think it was at that point that the globalists made their choice to allow Trump to win despite Comey’s flip flop [again] “clearing” Hillary just 2 days prior to Election Day. So MSM got it wrong because they always assumed Queen Hillary was entitled the presidency and journalists like me got it wrong because the criminal system was set up to ensure crime bosses steal elections. But in my case, I’m glad I was wrong in my prediction as under Hillary, nuclear holocaust was already a done deal.

What do you think was the main factor that diminished Clinton’s chances at presidency?

Aside from her half dozen felony crimes, pathological lying as a power-hungry sociopath and 40+ years of nonstop scandals? In the end, the ruling elite deemed her damaged goods, that’s why she lost their rigged election. The globalists controlled this entire political debacle throughout. I’d like to say that the will of the American people has finally spoken loud and clear, and that they are calling for drastic change, away from big government politics ruled by big business. But the still rigged system permitted Trump to win as a way of setting him up for failure when the global economy implodes not very long from now. Similar to Brexit, this election outcome might be viewed as a reflection that average everyday citizens are fed up being victimized by centralized governance that has grossly overstepped its constitutional boundaries while morphing into oppressive tyranny intentionally polarizing and exploiting the West versus East confrontation towards World War III. This is the New World Order agenda being pushed by the ruling elite and a figurehead president by the name of Donald or Hillary hardly matters.

Republicans not only won the White House on Election Day, but they also maintained their majorities both in the House and the Senate. What would a Republican-controlled America mean to the country itself and the world?

Always we must realize that the same power interests control the world whether a Republican president or a Democratic president occupies the White House, the case in point being the Obama administration as a mere extension of the Bush-Cheney administration. America’s domestic and foreign policies both continued uninterrupted under Obama because the same neocon megalomaniacs control Washington regardless of which party happens to be in power. These puppets – be they Democrat or Republican - take their marching orders from the same ruling elite that controls them.

Also we should not entertain any false illusion or hope that a unanimously controlled Republican presidency as well as both houses of Congress will suddenly bring unity and harmony to Washington. It will not change how the corrupt and dysfunctional broken US government works.  The Republican establishment still hates Trump. Why do you think the Bushes supported Clinton? The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he could not even support Trump for president and only toned his rhetoric down just before Election Day. A Trump presidency faces a largely hostile Republican Congress so the gridlock that has characterized Washington politics so far this 21st century will not change with outsider Trump in office. For over a century the Republican Party has historically always represented and served the elite’s interests over the people’s interests and Trump as just one individual fulfilling his figurehead role will not change the status quo of how the dirty business of oligarchy functions.

With many endorsements for Hillary Clinton by some European leaders, what countries would now find the US a closer ally with Trump as president?

The obvious answer is Russia. Both Putin and Trump have made public statements expressing admiration for each other’s style of leadership as well as a desire to work together as partners in eliminating ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra and terrorism worldwide that Clinton, the Bushes and Obama created and support. The economic sanctions against Russia that the US Empire imposed on its vassals in Europe hurt the European people almost as much as Russia. Hopefully for all of humanity’s sake, a Trump presidency can stop Cold War 2 in its tracks, eliminating any chance of WWIII against Russia, China and Iran that warmongering Hillary and her Washington establishment were determined to ignite.

Opening up trade between Russia and Europe as well as America (and I definitely don’t mean the globalists’ Trans Pacific Partnership or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will be a win-win-win for all parties involved. European leaders that blindly followed Empire’s aggressions should be replaced. Cleaning house and “draining the swamp” as Trump has claimed as his US mission should be a goal of both the US and entire Western bloc nations if they want to survive in a peaceful world. The financial Ponzi schemed system of debt-based thievery promoted and controlled for centuries by the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the City of London and US Federal Reserve, their criminal monopoly cabal must go, along with the US dollar/petrodollar as standard international currency. Wall Street, the World Bank, the IMF along with the treasonous globalist war criminal puppets Obama, Bushes, Clintons and their European lackeys and minions all must go. They are the cesspool in the swamp that needs desperate draining. A new economic and financial system needs to be implemented based on meritocracy, transparency and justice.

How will Trump’s presidency affect the conditions of minorities in the US? And what about the Muslim visitors, seeing as he had once called for a total shutdown of Muslims entering the US?

This question validates my point of always the two party US presidential candidates being a case of the lesser evil. Donald Trump has some serious repair work to do if he wants to mend and heal the open wounds and make peace with US minority groups. His racist, volatile statements in the past toward minorities made during his campaign is clearly a liability. The fastest growing minority in America are Latinos, and his calling Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals” was outrageous. I am not about to be an apologist for his insults and past behavior that indicate racism not just towards Hispanics but African Americans, Muslim Americans, and members of Middle Eastern ethnicities. He seems to have offended all these groups with prejudicial slurs and bigoted statements. It led many who may have otherwise supported his candidacy to back away. Though his insulting rhetoric was toned down in latter months of his candidacy, his poor track record toward minorities speaks for itself, and it’s not good.

Demonstrating effective, sound, strong, positive leadership to undo and overcome what’s already public record will be a near herculean task for him. But if he simply follows through on creating thousands of new jobs that help build a stronger robust national economy enhancing the lives of every segment of the American population, particularly those impoverished at the lower socioeconomic rung, that would be the most effective and most expedient way to heal the wounds caused by his checkered past.

That said, the globalist agenda to destroy Europe and North America by sponsoring waves of millions of unvetted refugees from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe and North America is being streamlined against the will of residents in Europe and North America knowing it will increase hostilities and tensions between races, religions, cultures and classes. The global elite desires race wars and religious wars as a strategic means of divide and conquer rule, establishing the pretense for more authoritarian control, less civil liberties and freedom, and ultimately breaking down the very fabric of civil society, social and national cohesiveness while destabilizing populations with higher crime and unemployment. This chaos, violence and disorder facilitates global governance of one world government, which for over a century has been the elite’s ultimate objective.

As part of this divisive, destructively violent agenda, America’s first black president given the assignment by his puppet masters to destroy America, as a presidential candidate initially promised to be a unifier, not a destroyer. But it didn’t take long for him to become the worst racial divider and agitator president in US history. He has polarized America even beyond the damage that his predecessors Bush and Cheney inflicted. This is the sorry, pathetic mess that I’m afraid the bigoted Mr. Trump has inherited.

If Trump can boost the slumping, staggering US economy, jumpstart a once vibrant but now near nonexistent manufacturing sector, repair sorely neglected, decaying US infrastructure, provide incentives to bring back US companies that have outsourced millions of US jobs abroad, close the many loopholes aiding offshore tax evaders consisting of the wealthiest corporations and class, in other words perform the miracle of accomplishing the impossible amidst the global economic meltdown on the verge of total collapse, then Trump the miracle worker will never be called a racist again.

How do you predict Trump’s administration’s policies in regard to Iran and the nuclear deal which he had threatened to tear up?

I was very disappointed by Trump’s AIPAC conference speech, promising to tear up the nuclear arms deal on his first day in office. He came off like just another Zionist controlled US politician pandering to apartheid rogue state Israel. As opposed to Hillary who promised to bomb Iran if she were elected, Trump proclaims himself a USA first, noninterventionist wanting to avoid seeking wars around the world, a clear break from the Bush-Clinton-Obama neocon con to maintain global unipolar hegemony at all cost by aggressively provoking a global war against Russia, China and Iran.

We can only hope that Trump will not attempt to obliterate the nuke agreement. The entire pretext that only US, Russia, China, France and UK are entitled nuclear weapons is inherently wrong, especially since nations like Israel, India and Pakistan also possess nuclear warhead arsenals. No country on earth should have the power to destroy the world. And nuclear development as an energy source is a dangerously bad idea as well (aka Fukushima, Chernobyl, etc.). The terms of that nuclear agreement allowing UN inspectors to freely monitor Iranian nuclear facilities is a fair enough concession to allow the already ratified deal to be both upheld and honored by Iran and the P5 nations that signed it. Hopefully Trump will leave well enough alone as a noninterventionist promoting peace and cooperation as opposed to confrontation and war.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years, he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

Interview by: Marjohn Sheikhi 

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