Zarif’s Mina message highlights Saudi ‘capriciousness’

TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has ensured the nation despite Saudi incompetence and covert sabotage, rights of the victims of Mina incident of 2015 hajj rituals will be addressed with seriousness.

Zarif's message offered condolences to nation on their loss of the loved ones during Mina stampede of 2015, which it believed, was premeditated and reminiscent of 1987 event during which Saudi police opened fire directly on pilgrims rallying in a demonstrations of ‘disavowal of disbelievers’ the kingdom dubbed as political propaganda.

“The events of 1987 and 2015 in a place believed to be the ‘land of the peace’ for all Muslims reveal that Saudi rulers are brazen enough to openly express alliance to the Zionist regime; they have abused and taken hostage sacred Islamic shrines in line with their petty, malicious, and sectarian extremist policies in serving their imperialist and Zionist patrons; ‘stupidity,’ ‘fanaticism,’ ‘intransigence,’ and ‘unlimited wealth’ have rendered the Saudi family callous and capricious rulers unfit to rule the sacred lands, with a penchant for ‘beget, foster, and spread terrorism’ to plague the world and larger parts of the Middle East including Iraq, Syria, and Yemen with the most pernicious and abominable acts of atrocity in the history of nations and to infest them with extreme levels of hatred spewed by its unexperienced rulers,” emphasized the message.”

“Not only in Mina incident, but also behind all crises across the Middle East, are some suspicious and evil hands in work to target the unity of the Muslim Umma in a single most dangerous enemy, that is, international Zionism and terrorism; the Foreign Ministry feels itself responsible for redeeming life and honor of Iranian expatriates and had set as its high priority diplomatic dynamism and efforts in international community as a sacred duty.”

“In line with this responsibility, and immediately after Mina incident, Foreign Ministry mobilized all its resources along with other responsible bodies, to secure safe returns of the victims’ bodies and finding the missing pilgrims. In this path, we had the spiritual support and invaluable guidance by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and President Rouhani; the scope and complexity of the event, as it was multidimensional, was set a ‘high-priority project’ for the ministry and had been pursued up to now with the same vigor and vivacity in diplomatic corridors,” Zarif’s message said.

“A lapse was however inevitable with the foolhardy act of invading Saudi embassy in Tehran and Mashhad which turned the tide in the favor of Saudi Arabia and effectively blocked all paths to bring Saudis to the limelight and force them to some sort of apologies to the Muslim world at large and recompenses to which Saudis would have agreed; by that very event, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s many initiatives including ‘bilateral efforts’ and ‘Islamic and International Fact-finding Committee’ through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and even ‘volunteer acts of mediation by some countries in the region’ have all failed to produce a response from Saudi officials, inciting the kingdom’s unremitting malice and hatred in other fields of bilateral ties,” the message concluded.


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