Myriad of evidence of Imam Moussa Sadr’s wellbeing

TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – This paper argues on facts and evidence that Imam Moussa Sadr, a prominent Shia cleric who went missing with two companions nearly 40 years ago in Libya, is still alive.

Is the source of belief that Imam Moussa Sadr is still alive an instinct and emotional hunch or is it based on logic and logical thinking?

Should we find substantiated evidence for this question via brainstorming and logical discussion, then we would have shed enough light on Imam Moussa Sadr’s case. This paper will attempt to present substantiated news clips on one hand and eliminate any guessing on the other. First of all, this paper will present non-negotiable and undoubtable facts:

1-  There is no doubt that Imam Moussa Sadr and two companions left for Libya on 25 August, 1978 aboard a Lebanese airliner and entered Tripoli and were received as VIP guests in good health and well-being.

2-  Undoubtable fact: Imam Moussa Sadr left for Libya based on official invitation from the Libyan Government; Ergo, Imam Moussa Sadr and his companions were guests of the Libyan Government, who is a member of the UN General Council, is fully aware of international laws and are supposed to abide by them.

3-  Another proven fact: The Libyan Government claims that Imam Moussa Sadr and his two companions left Libya on 31 August, 1978 aboard Alitalia flight 881 bound for Rome, a claim that has been proven to be untrue beyond a shadow of a doubt. Therefore, when viewing the Italian General Court ruling on 19 May, 1979, which ruled that Imam Sadr and his two companions neither entered Italy aboard said flight, as claimed by the Libyans, nor left Libya. Hence, in July 2015 another ruling was passed by Italian courts that ruled, for the third time, that Imam Sadr and his companions did not enter Italy.

4-  Moreover, as Qaddafi himself said it in 2002 and also after the revolution myriad of Libyan people in charge said that Imam Sadr and his companions had disappeared in Libya and they never left Libya.

5-  Furthermore, after the revolution and ousting of Qaddafi, innumerable facts and information were publicized, not a single one mentioned Imam Sadr’s martyrdom. This paper is not discussing analysis or interpretation, it is discussing published information. To specially discuss someone’s livelihood, one cannot analyze nor can one count on analysis; the only issue this paper is counting on is information from reliable sources that give strong substantiation. This paper is not guessing or measuring and one cannot give opinion whether one thinks that certain person is dead or alive.

After Qaddafi’s ousting, the new authority talked about Imam Sadr’s martyrdom only once. This was as the Libyan new authorities had discovered 12 bodies in an area called “Tajwara” and claimed that one of them definitely belonged to Imam Sadr. Imam’s family did not concur with the so-called finding and insisted on Imam’s wellbeing. As the Libyan and Lebanese governments agreed, DNA sample was taken and compared to said body, using the most up-to-date European medical techniques. Test results came back negative; the body was someone else’s. Up until this paper was written the Libyan authorities did not even present a single document or an ounce of proof, nor have they mentioned Imam’s martyrdom again.

A fine issue to point out is that all the people that did not believe in Imam Moussa Sadr’s wellbeing believed so based on analysis and not on facts; the basis was vastly guessing or personal opinion. On the other hand, those who believe in Imam’s wellbeing believe so based on facts, news and evidence.  It is safe to say that any belief regarding this case derives from one of those two contradicting analysis, yet feelings, guessing and personal analysis cannot be decisive in absence of information and proving documents.

Analysis and guessing is not immune of blunder however, news and evidence are similar to a mathematical formula, proven, solid and objective. Should we want to approach Imam Sadr’s case by taking the logical path and base our results mathematically free of any influence from personal opinions and guessing, we should do so via the following counting on solid unchangeable facts:

Fact and decisive formula, Imam Moussa Sadr in his complete health and state of mind willingly left for Libya and was the Libyan Government’s guest and under their protection. Imam Sadr was subject to his host’s details. As of yet, Imam Sadr has not left Libya and there is no reliable news, document or witness to attest to his martyrdom or death. On the other hand, what is the result of such fact? Can it be assumed that he is no longer alive? Is there another logical and sound conclusion to reach other than he is alive? The answer is no.

The argument above is merely a logical deduction albeit we could view it from a different perspective. From Jurisprudence perspective, to deduce that someone is dead for sure is farfetched. In the Jurisprudence as long as an incident, a substantiated news or undisputable fact, as strong as (Imam Sadr entered Libya in good health with his own free will), one would rule that Imam is still alive and anything contradicting that is invalid and goes against Sharia ruling, for announcing someone’s death holds a great burden on person ruling and there are series of consequences that go along.

Based on legal standards, only substantiated evidence can be discussed, to judge the outcome of this case one cannot count on opinion or feeling; they are not standard. Also to rule that someone is dead is taking their legal form of being away. Moreover, to rule death based on opinion or feeling means to deliberately overlook more vital and essential facts. A point to mention, to rule death in this case point out or show the guilty party in this matter without proof beyond a shadow of doubt of someone’s guilt is also invalid and wrong.

Socially and politically, the core essence of rights is citizenship rights. To accept Imam’s death is to accept the violation of his citizenship rights for there is no defense for said rights; a great mistake and irreparable damage.

Therefore, in viewing the evidence, facts and document, and from a logical, Jurisprudence and legal view, one cannot but deduce that Imam Moussa Sadr is still alive, other than that nothing fits in.


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