Mar 22, 2016, 5:36 PM
Abbasabad, Pearl of Mazandaran

BEHSHAHR, Mar. 22 (MNA) – Abbasabad village with its historic and unspoilt attractions shines as the pearl of Mazandaran province and has opened its arms to tourists.

Due to containing more than 135 registered historical monuments, Behshahr county has been called ‘the Pearl of Mazandaran’ while its Abbasabad village possesses great importance for its unique heritage and tourism attractions in the heart of the forest.

Built at the order of Shah Abbas Safavid in the southeast of Behshahr in the midst of the Jungle, Abbasabad complex marks Iran’s most prominent non-desert garden which comprises of a lake, a palace, towers as well as showers while a mansion in the middle of the lake has given it outstanding beauty.

The lake covers and areas of more than 10 hectares with an 18-meter-tall mansion at the center which hides underwater for more than half of the year; nevertheless, in the seasons of drought the whole structure, which has stood the test of time, resides out of the water.

The mansion in the lake is made of bricks and mortar and has basically been the foundation of a now-disappeared palace turning the Historic area of Abbasabad in Behshar to a must-see place in Mazandaran Province.

There exists a big 140-hectare garden next to Abbasabad’s lake which involves leisure facilities like restaurant as well as tea houses bringing a more convenient visiting experience to the tourists.

The irrigation mechanisms created during the Safavid dynasty in this region are extremely unique which greatly contributed to the registration of the site on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Two brick towers are also observable in the southwestern part of the historic garden. Each having a diameter of 7 meters and a height of 14 meters, the two towers are located at a distance of approximately 186 meters from each other.


Being easily accessible by vehicle, in addition to a resting area, ancient relics, sweet water and pleasant weather have make the region a must-see place for tourists to visit.

In short, Abbasabad is a green garden on the edge of a natural lake that is as a stratified garden in the division of Iranian gardens. To arrive at the green set of Safavid Shah, you should deviate from Behshahr-Gorgan road to the village of Al Tappeh, after passing through the village, you will arrive at the most outstanding non-desert garden of Iran. Abbasabad dam, reservoir and the river behind dam, garden, palace, bath, water mill and 2 old towers are noteworthy places to visit in the area. Due to convenient roadway, possibility to stay, historic buildings and good weather, Abbasabad remains a good choice for traveling to the green north of Iran.




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