Germany to modernize Persian Gulf power plants

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TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – An IOOC official has announced the onset of talks with two huge German power plant makers on modernization and reconstruction of Iranian power facilities in the Persian Gulf.

Head of Siri Power Plant at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) Hamid Reza Sajjadi described the plans to increase electricity production capacity of oil facilities in Siri Island; “currently, the electricity demand of platforms and oil facilities in Siri region is supplied by three old power plants.”

He noted that non-delivery of some equipment and turbines by European companies during sanction years had caused various problems for the stable production and supply of electricity in the region; “consequently, a new round of talks has kicked off with MAN and Siemens as two large German power plant suppliers and manufacturers.”

The official pointed to the beginning of new negotiations with Siemens of Germany to supply some spare parts and turbines of the power stations in Siri Island estimating that some Siemens experts will visit the island in the coming days to conduct relevant talks.

Sajjadi emphasized on the necessity of using the new generation of Siemens gas turbines in Siri power plants underlining that SGT400 turbines possess special technical and operational characteristics.

Referring to the recent approval of the National Iranian Oil Compnay (NIOC) to build a new 175-MW power plant in the island of Siri, the official commented “IOOC will design and construct the new plant in two separate 100 MW and 75 MW phases.”

The official declared that renovation, restoration and update of existing turbines will add more than 40 megawatts to the power generation capacity; “moreover, the implementation of the new power plant, a stable capacity will be provided for new oil and gas projects across Siri island.”

Sirri Island, an island in the Persian Gulf belonging to Iran, is situated 76 km from Bandar-e Lengeh and 50 km west of Abu Musa Island and its oilfields offer the crude oil production capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day.





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