Power Plant Building



  • نشست خبری هوشنگ فلاحتیان معاون وزیر نیرو در امور برق و انرژی 2017-11-06 09:18

    Japan opens $10bn LOC to Iran

    TEHRAN, Nov. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s deputy energy minister said the Japanese government had created a line of credit (LOC) worth 10 billion dollars for investment in and joint venture with Iran.

  • پرچم ایران و انگلیس 2017-09-20 20:39

    Iran, UK sign biggest post-JCPOA contract

    TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (MNA) – At a ceremony in London, the biggest post-JCPOA contract of Iran and Britain was signed to boost Iran’s solar energy capacity by 600 MW.

  • انرژی خورشیدی 2017-09-16 16:56

    Norway eyes building solar plants in Iran

    TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) – Norway’s Scatec Solar, a company specializing in renewable energy, is in talks to build its first solar power plants in Iran, joining a wave of foreign energy firms looking to invest in the Islamic Republic, Reuters reports.

  • اصغر فخریه کاشان 2017-08-08 13:50

    Siemens to allocate €3bn finance to Iranian projects

    TEHRAN, Aug. 08 (MNA) – Deputy Iranian road minister said Siemens of Germany was planning to finance Iranian power and rail projects with a value of three billion dollars.

  • چیت چیان در سمنان 2017-08-06 09:31

    Iran, Tajikistan to hold joint commission within months

    TEHRAN, Aug. 06 (MNA) – In a meeting with his Tajik counterpart, Iran’s energy minister reported on holding a joint commission between the two countries in the months to come.

  • iran/germany 2017-06-17 16:37

    7 German holdings to invest in North Khorasan prov.

    TEHRAN, Jun. 17 (MNA) – Seven large German investment holdings active in solar energy sector made a to two-day visit to favorable areas of North Khorasan province.

  • نیروگاه خورشیدی 2017-06-04 13:17

    Iranian firm to build 10MW solar power plant

    TEHRAN, Jun. 04 (MNA) – A team of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company for the very first time is working on design and construction of a 10MW solar plant in the country.

  • mobile power plant 2017-05-31 13:42

    Iran builds ME’s 1st mobile power plant

    TEHRAN, May 31 (MNA) – MAPNA Group has constructed the first ever mobile power station of the Middle East with a capacity of 25 megawatts.

  • افتتاح نیروگاه سد رودبار الیگودرز با حضور حمید چیت چیان وزیر نیرو 2017-05-26 22:57

    Power plant opened by energy min.

    KHORRAMABAD, May. 26 (MNA) – Iran's Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian opened the power plant of Roudbar Aligoudarz Dam in Iranian western province of Lorestan.

  • syria 2017-05-03 19:40

    Nusra terrorists target al-Zara power plant in Hama

    HAMA, May 03 (MNA) – Terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra targeted al-Zara power plant in the southern countryside of Hama province with a number of mortar shells, causing material damage to it.

  • یازدهمین سالروز ملی فناوری هسته ای 2017-04-09 12:15

    Iran among heavy water suppliers in world market

    TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) – AEOI Head Ali Akbar Salehi said Islamic Republic of Iran has joined the countries providing heavy water in the world market.

  • EF3 Power line.86.jpg 2017-03-18 15:48

    S Korea, Turkey to build ME’s largest power plant in Iran

    TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) – South Korea and Turkey have joined hands to construct Iran's largest privately developed power plants within a multi-billion-dollar project.

  • سدسازی 2017-03-13 13:33

    Iran, S Korea reach new water agreement

    TEHRAN, Mar. 13 (MNA) – A senior advisor to the energy minister has reported on a 1.7-billion-dollar agreement between Iran and South Korea for construction of Bakhtiari Dam.

  • نیروگاه برق 2017-03-06 12:37

    Tehran, Prague sign deal for WTE plant‎ construction

    TEHRAN, Mar. 06 (MNA) – Iran and Czech have signed a BOT contract to build a 20 MW incinerator power plant which will convert a daily 350 tons of waste into energy.

  • iran italy 2017-02-26 13:11

    Italy to reopen LOC to Iran’s utility industries

    TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s energy minister announced that Italy has opened a Line of Credit (LOC) for its firms to make investment in Iran’s water and electricity industries.

  • نیروگاه خورشیدی 2017-02-04 20:12

    Eng. Min. unveils largest solar plant

    HAMEDAN, Feb. 04 (MNA) – Hamedan’s first and country’s largest solar power plant has been unveiled by Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian.

  • علیرضا دائمی آب برق 2017-01-18 11:09

    Russians to build, rehabilitate power plants in Iran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (MNA) – Deputy Iranian energy minister said as part of new power deals between Tehran and Moscow, Russians will construct a new generating plant and rehabilitate an existing one.

  • نیروگاه برق 2017-01-14 13:30

    Power industry to invite huge tender

    TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Deputy energy minister said an international tender will be soon invited over improving the efficiency of power plants’ generation capacity from 33 to 40 per cent.

  • نیروگاه برق 2016-12-25 11:20

    Iran’s power output hits 230k GW

    TEHRAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) – Energy Minister of Iran announced that power plants across the country have produced 230 thousand gigawatt hours of electricity so far in the current Iranian year (began March 20).

  • نیروگاه 2016-12-18 09:52

    Germans sign power MoU with Iran

    TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – Iran and Germany’s Medio Energy company have inked an MoU worth about 104 million dollars over construction of two wind and solar power plants in the south of Iran.

  • نیروگاه برق 2016-12-14 18:20

    Iran to construct 1st coal power plant

    TEHRAN, Dec. 14 (MNA) – An official has announced the plan to build the country’s first coal-fired power station with Iranian finance and in partnership with a Chinese company.

  • الکساندر نواک 2016-12-14 11:36

    Russian energy min.:

    Iran, Russia endorse investment agreements

    TEHRAN, Dec. 14 (MNA) – Russia’s Minister on Energy Alexander Novak announced that Iran and Russia have signed into several investment contracts in recent days.

  • روحانی/پوتین 2016-12-10 16:11

    Iran, Russia to set new highs in economic ties

    TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – A strong 590-member Iran-Russia 3-day commission will address effective implementation of Putin-Rouhani strategy to boost bilateral trade.

  • Tajikistan 2016-11-09 15:59

    Tehran, Dushanbe to build new electric transmission line

    TEHRAN, Nov. 09 (MNA) – The 11th meeting of Iran-Tajikistan Joint Commission decided on construction of Sangtuda-2 dam and economic assessment of a 500-kilowatt power transmission line.

  • پرچم ایران و جمهوری چک 2016-10-18 21:50

    Iran, Czech call for further power coop.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – Iran’s energy minister has called for further partnership of Czech Republic in Iran’s power projects, particularly in construction of incineration plants.

  • پست برق شهید بسطامی شاهرود - نیروگاه برق 2016-10-17 14:20

    Iran, Guinea ink power deal

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Iran and Republic of Guinea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost cooperation in water, power and energy industries.

  • ایران و روسیه 2016-09-27 13:23

    Iran, Russia to build 4 thermal power plants

    TEHRAN, Sep. 27 (MNA) – Iran and Russia authorities have emphasized implementation of the Green Corridor customs and the need to finalize the contract for construction of four thermal power plants.

  • Araghchi, Ryabkov 2016-08-31 15:55

    Araghchi, Ryabkov to meet in Tehran today

    TEHRAN, Aug. 31 (MNA) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov will hold talks with Iran’s deputy FM for legal and international Affairs Abbas Araghchi Wed. afternoon in Tehran.

  • kamalvandi 2016-08-29 09:40

    AEOI spokesman:

    7 nuclear projects completed with IAEA, 9 more underway

    TEHRAN, Aug. 29 (MNA) – AEOI spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said Iran has completed 7 national nuclear projects with cooperation of the IAEA and at least 9 more research projects are currently under way.

  • ایران فرانسه 2016-08-29 09:30

    Iran inks water deal with France, Sweden

    TEHRAN, Aug. 29 (MNA) – The Iranian Energy Minister Chitchian has reported on signing of new water consumption management contracts with Swedish and French firms.