Rouhani calls for ‘Joint Comprehensive National Plan’

TEHRAN, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told a meeting having worked out JCPOA (1), now time has come to reach a ‘joint comprehensive national plan.’

President Rouhani addressed the ceremony markIing National Day of Space Technology on Wednesday, called for what he believed was a second JCPOA, this time, calling it ‘Joint Comprehensive National Plan.’

'The national plan,' Mr. Rouhani implied in his speech, seems to be a call for a reconciliatory approach inside the country with the objective of bringing together all players in politics and organize and coordinate them to work jointly for national glory; “this ‘national plan’ which could be called a second ‘JCPOA’ as well, should be constructive cooperation domestically,” Mr. Rouhani said.

President Rouhani once again extended accolade, for JCPOA and its outcomes, to national resistance and the sagacious policies of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution which helped hammer out a deal with the west on Iran’s nuclear issue; he then turned to his election as president in June 2013 elections when the people voted for ‘moderation,’ ‘dialogue with the world,’ and ‘a course of action which would lead nation to JCPOA.’

“The nation gave some lessons to us: that it is possible to talk to world powers; that it is possible to achieve our purposes and let the other party reach its imagined success, however only imaginary by our standards; that it is possible to take the world people by surprise with hitting a deal and bring home the bacon,” Rouhani passionately addressed the ceremony. “However, our nation is right in their anger and hatred toward the world powers for years of cruelty, sanctions, and other diverse sorts of restrictions hardly hitting their economy and welfare; they have been in the right track in voicing mistrust of the world powers for unreserved deprivations they were inflicted.”

“Just as in JCPOA we chose the shortest safe path toward our goals, a path which is at the same time low-cost; we now need a national coordination to do the same job inside the country; we should restore trust to ourselves and take a course of action which would rebuild the country through economic reshuffle and boom,” Rouhani suggested, “over national interest, no party would deviate from a general norm of unanimity; we have very close views on how to run the country and how to approach issues; this is a positive point of the situation; we want employment, we want economic growth. These are not points of discord among different circles and political factions; we also want progress in line with fastest-growing technologies of the world,” he emphasized.

Rouhani pointed to hostile criticism of his cabinet mounted by Principlists in the Parliament and elsewhere in the government; “no cabinet since the Revolution could have been subject to this level of criticism; however, we believe criticism should not be tolerated, but it should be allowed as salubrious to the state and rectification of the vices,” he asserted.

“The government should be shrunken in size; the general policy has been privatization of parts of the government services, especially in the military; we want a small but highly effective and brisk government. We want competitiveness. We should not be stuck on the A of an industry while others have advanced to U of the same industry. I believe we should abandon assuming ready-made technologies from foreign countries,” he demanded.

Rouhani’s coda was that the JCPOA should not be understood as ‘open doors to unregulated imports,’ however; “it should not be total dependence on overseas and imports; rather, it should be understood as an open door to the world and constructive cooperation and adaptation of technologies which would help the economy in finding a way out of difficulties.”




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