Syrian troops fighting in 15 fronts with Russian support

MOSCOW, Jan. 23 (MNA) – Syrian ground troops are fighting in 15 different fronts, and in 10 of them, they managed to start an offensive against the ISIL and other terrorist groups, thanks to the support they are receiving from Russia, said a military source here Friday.

Army General Valeri Guerasimov, head of the Major State of the Russian armed forces, said that in three of these war fronts, preparations are being carried to launch attacks, and in two of them, the military units are carrying out defensive actions.

Talking about the support of Russia, started on September 30 after a request from Syrian constitutional president Bashar al-Assad, Guerasimov said that two weeks later they decided to take the initiative in several directions, and sooner or later, the Syrian Army will break the resistance of the enemy.

Regarding the terrorists, the military leader highlighted that there constitute units quite organized and instructed with good quality for experienced professionals, between whom there are ex-officials of the Armed Forces of Iraq.

Additionally, the Army General told Russian channel Rossiya 24, the borders of several nearby countries are still open and for this route the terrorists get armament, ammunitions and war material.

Nevertheless, he informed that the finance of the terrorist groups that operate in Syria diminished in a notable way for the attacks of the Russian aviation against the facilities of extraction, refinement and trailers that were leading the petroleum contraband.

Today, Russian Major General Ígor Konashénkov, spokesman of the Armed Forces of Russia, denied with the epithet of "absolute foolery" versions circulated in social networks on the supposed demolition of another military plane of Moscow on the part of Turkey.

Konashenkov admitted that the terrorists possess antiaircraft means of the type ZCU-23 and others capable of knocking down ships to four thousand meters heights, especially as big as the IL-76 of military transport, which take humanitarian aid to the localities surrounded by the ISIL.

He supported, nevertheless, that all the platforms with humanitarian aid of Moscow and Damascus came to its recipients and they are distributed to the population by the local authorities of the blocked towns.

From January 15, according to the spokesman, already 50 tons of this help were distributed.

In Washington, the secretary of Defense of the United States, Ashton Carter, said quoted by Reuters that Washington will press to its Allied Forces of the international coalition to initiate a terrestrial operation in Syria and Iraq.

The alliance of 60 countries commanded by the United States, bombards Syria since last year, without authorization of the constitutional Government of this country.





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