Russian Northern Fleet ends drills with cruise missiles

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MOSCOW, Sep 22 (MNA)- The Russian Navy Northern Fleet ended its live fire exercise in the Barenst and Laptev Seas, which included 12 firing cruise missiles to defend Arctic areas and the insular territory of the country, a military source confirmed yesterday.

The fleet press office chief, Captain Vadim Serga, stated the armed forces of the body successfully fulfilled the tasks assigned by the Fleet Commander Vladimir Korolyov.
Serga informed that during a week 50 surface ships and submarines,and about 10 planes and helicopters took part in the operations,including firing cruise missiles from nuclear submarines.
Forces and heavy fighting means of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) remain deployed in the border territories of Russia with the former Soviet Republics of the Baltic and other countries in Eastern Europe.
In a situation like this one, which did not exist in the worst moments of the so-called Cold War, the Kremlin has ordered the conduct of unannounced inspections to its troops and frequent military exercises.


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