Hungary restricts refugees entrance, declares emergency

BUDAPEST, Sep. 16 (MNA) – Hungary opened yesterday a new immigration law to shield its borders in the face of the inflow of 200,000 immigrants this year, while Turkey reported the deaths of 22 undocumented immigrants off its coast.

Magyar authorities announced the first 16 refugees arrested under the new law, which punishes by three to five years in prison those crossing illegally the southern border, where the government stationed 900 police and about four thousand 300 soldiers.

In the railroad crossing of Reszke a wagon was parked, with fences and barbed wire tied, to create a passage of barely 40 meters, where only on Monday circulated nine thousand 380 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition, the Hungarian executive declared a state of emergency for two southern provinces, and proposed Serbia as a safe country in which to request asylum, should the requests in Hungary be denied.

But Belgrade said that in no way it is required to accommodate those who are undocumented or rejected in the neighboring country, and those who already went through Serbian territory, smoothly and with care, as did yesterday three thousand from neighboring Macedonia.

Greece has become the most common entry point for refugees from conflict states in recent weeks, through the island of Kos, which 250 people attempted to reach yesterday in a boat that sank, of which only 211 survived.

Commenting on the immigration crisis, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said that Europe is divided and lives a chaotic situation, where each country applies its own immigration measures.

The way in which the European Union acts causes suffering and despair among thousands of people fleeing war and hunger, and is a terrible image of Europe for the rest of the world, he said.

From Berlin, the German federal vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, estimated that Europe made a fool of itself again by failing to reach an agreement yesterday in Brussels for the equitable distribution of about 160 thousand immigrants.



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