West paving way for terrorism in Syria

MOSCOW, Sep. 12 (MNA) – The US pressure on European nations to impede flights of Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid for Syria shows that for Washington, its geopolitical interests in the Middle East come before the fight against the terrorist scourge.

Referring to this issue, the president of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of Russia (Senate), Konstantin Kosachov said that the West should exchange its obstinacy to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad at any cost, with the cause of the fight against terrorism.

It is time to understand that the main threats in this region (the Middle East) are not authoritarian regimes, but civil wars and terrorism, "whose path is paved by good Western intentions," he wrote on Facebook.

Kosachov warned that the price of not understanding this reality is first of all the daily increase in Europe in the number of killed and refugees.

"The members of the anti-Syrian coalition should give up their exorbitant geopolitical ambitions, listen to the voice of reason, and heed their self-preservation instinct," he stressed, recalling that while Damascus fights against the opposition and the terrorists, Russia and the United States assume a different position to this reality.

Referring to the US pressure, publicly acknowledged by Greece, and underhanded in Bulgaria's justification of closing the air corridor to the aircraft carrying relief from Moscow for the Syrian people, the senator noted that Washington and its allies say they combat terrorism, but torpedo the Syrian government.

On the contrary, Russia does not fight against the regime or the opposition in Syria. It tries to bring the opponents to the negotiating table to increase the resistance of all healthy sectors against radical Islam, particularly against the ISIL, he observed.

According to the leader of the Senate committee, Moscow and Damascus believe that despite political disagreements it is necessary to unify efforts to confront the terrorist threat together.

Washington and the European Union (EU) see things differently, since they consider this alliance to be impossible, and admit that cooperation can only occur for their own benefit and "based on our terms," criticized the lawmaker.

However, the politician said, those who do not agree are also bombarded or surrounded. Then, the West puts its intentions of overthrowing al-Assad at any price above the global number one threat, which is terrorism, reiterated the senator.

For his part, the Head of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma (lower house of Russia's parliament), Alexei Pushkov, referred to the fear of the Europeans to recognize the true cause of the waves of refugees that invade the so-called Old Continent from Middle East and Africa.
They know what the problem is but are afraid to name the cause, and the cause is that the West, mainly the United States, has destabilized the Middle and Far East, said he to the Russian radio station Kommersant.

A report presented earlier this week by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, states that since early 2015, about 1,500 displaced people in Africa and the Middle East, many from Syria and Libya, reached the EU.

The document states that more than 200,000 asylum seekers arrived in Greece, about 150,000 in Hungary, and another 120,000 in Italy. One third of the wave, unstoppable for Athens and Rome, are Syrian, and are followed by natives of Afghanistan and Eritrea, who in their overwhelming majority are fleeing the wars initiated or encouraged by the West.

In the case of Syria, the conflict unleashed in March 2011 has severed already 220,000 lives, according to the United Nations, to which are added the hundreds of thousands of displaced people fleeing, above all, the caliphate proclaimed by ISIL and other extremist groups that at some point received Western support.




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