TEHRAN -- A U.S.-based Iranian scholar of international relations voiced on Monday his optimism over achievements of the Conference of Islamic Unity held in Tehran.

In an interview with the Mehr News Agency on the sidelines of the Conference of Islamic Unity and Universality of Islam, Professor Hamid Mowlana said the gathering was rich in the quality and originality of the ideas presented to the conference which discussed various issues of the Islamic world. "The major topics of the conference were the universality of Islam as well as the religious and political aspects of Islam." "Naturally, universality of Islam will immensely influence the United States and the West because it is impossible to contain the thought," he said on the impression the conference will have on the Western countries, "The Islamic thought has attracted a lot of followers in the West or the U.S."
Hoping that decisions of the conference will be publicized to the world, Mowlana called for adoption of practical measures for implementation of the decisions reached at the event.
According to the scholar, the main goal of the conference was to bridge the existing gap among the Islamic sects and to provide a precise definition of Islam. Referring to the Zionist agenda to dominate the world, Mowlana said: "Zionists will never succeed in dominating the world, but they are trying to drive a wedge among the Muslims." "If the Zionists intend to pressure the Muslims, we have the necessary means at our disposal and are able to resist them." "Information has a very crucial and constructive role in Islamic states," he said on the role of mass media in the Islamic world, "The mass media are like a teacher for the society."
Mowlana also said that the conference did not address looting of Iraq's cultural heritage. "The world voted with its feet when looters plundered hundreds of invaluable Islamic works from Baghdad's museum just before the eyes of the U.S. and British troops."
"The impressive Islamic collection included tens of manuscript versions of the holy Qoran,"
the scholar deplored.

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