8mn liters of petrol imported per day

News ID: 2901316 -
TEHRAN, Sep. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s Oil Minister reported that the country is currently importing 8 million liters of petrol on a daily basis.

Responding to a question on the amount of petrol import, Bijan Zanganeh said that, “I don’t have exact statistics in this regard; about 8.7 million liters of petrol are imported every day, though our demand is higher.”

He also referred to the conditions of oil market in the post-sanction era asserting that, “we are preparing for the post-sanction era in terms of oil by holding talks with costumers and manufacturing sectors are getting ready for the new conditions.” The oil minister emphasized that the vital principle for Iran was to regain its lost share in the global market.

Zanganeh in the meeting of the Cabinet with the Leader on the occasion of the National Week of the Government noted that the government plans to increase production in shared fields and stated that, “the amount of oil recovery reached from 70 thousand barrels to 100 thousand barrels and it will reach 260 thousand barrels in 2016.”



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